This Chinese car is one of the cheapest cars on the market and is (almost) as safe as the Mercedes EQE.

Arriving in France in a matter of weeks, the new BYD Ato3 scored the highest in EuroNCAP crash tests, just like the Mercedes-Benz EQE. The Citroën C5 X and Mobiliz Limousine, on the other hand, are disappointing. It’s almost a must-have for every new model on the market. If crash testing isn’t technically required to bring a vehicle to market, if the latter gets good reviews, it’s a pledge of confidence and, above all, a big commercial debate. These tests are not performed by the manufacturer itself, but by an independent organization called EuroNCAP. Sometimes there are doubts as to how the manufacturer is cheating. A nice surprise… On October 12, Euro NCAP released new notes about a handful of recently unveiled models. Among them, the BYD Ato 3, which will be released soon in Europe, is a low-priced product at around 38,000 euros (about 30 million won). As detailed on the European Body site, the electric SUV gets the maximum score, i.e. 5 stars. The latter scores 91% for adult protection, 89% for child protection, and 69% for protection of vulnerable users such as pedestrians and cyclists. The SUV also gets 74% on technology donations and safety aids. Source: Mercedes Another model in a slightly different category this time also made a very good impression. This is also the Mercedes EQE, the younger sister of the big EQS that has been rated in recent weeks. The premium electric sedan also received the coveted five stars. It excels with a score of 95%, especially when it comes to protecting adults. Child passenger protection is also very good, reaching 91%. Pedestrians are well protected, while newcomers to this range scored 83%. Sedans with many driving aids rank 81% in this category. …and a little disappointment On the other hand, this new test batch also has some disappointments. In fact, many criteria are taken into account, such as the presence or absence of certain driving aids, to achieve the highest possible five-star rating. And you can’t get the best score in this case. This is exactly what happened with the Citroen C5 X, another car assembled in China. The sedan fishes in terms of safety assistance not exceeding 66%, scoring 82, 87 and 69% respectively for adult, child and pedestrian protection. In particular, the reverse pedestrian detection system is not installed. Citröen C5 X Renault Megane based on the E-Tech, the Renault subsidiary’s recently launched electric sedan, Mobilize Limo, is somewhat of a problem. Also, despite the good ratings for adult and child protection with 4 stars, 80% and 75% are satisfied. This rookie is somewhat lacking in pedestrian protection at 69%, and lacks certain driving aids despite a score of 71%. She has not yet arrived in Europe and she is already making a name for herself. She’s the friendly Ora Funky Cat from the Chinese group Great Wall Motor, who got 5 stars in crash tests… Download Android and iOS applications. You can read articles, files and watch the latest YouTube videos.
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