Mercedes-Maybach EQS SUV: already on the street!

The Mercedes program for the next Munich Motor Show, which is about to open now, is particularly busy. Instead, judge. In addition to previews of the Class C All-Terrain, an all-road version of the sedan of the same name and new competitor, the Audi A4 Allroad, and the Class S Guard, an armored version of the German limousine, a plug-in hybrid version of the Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door Coupé, a 100% electric EQE The sedan, and the SUV concept we care about today, signed Maybach. Our spy photographers lead to a series of models that are already surprised on the road. #Maybach After 100 years of automotive history, it’s time for a new chapter. More info at @IAAmobility in Munich in early September 2021. Stay tuned! #MercedesMaybach #MBdesign #MBIAA21 #IAA21— Mercedes-Benz Press (@MB_Press) Luxury Electric SUV Name Confirmed 29 July 2021 Zero Emissions Like EQE? If nothing has been explicitly stated since the manufacturer, at least in a recent press release, he stressed that this model “will give a precise first impression of what the 100-year-old tradition of ultimate luxury cars can be.” We’ve moved into a new era.” Of course, the new era is all about electrification. And you’ll never be able to avoid the fact that the vehicle pictured doesn’t have exhaust vents. In short, once some manufacturers announce their intention to switch to pure electricity, others Manufacturers are taking action: this is the case for the Etoile brand, which does not stop offering zero-emission vehicles. At the same time, the goal is to have electric vehicles in each of their existing segments by 2022, but Mercedes has not even specified a name for this new model. The only thing I know is that, as mentioned above, the German manufacturer’s high-end branch, Maybach, signs the concept. A priori only the “S”, the model with the highest range, can receive these variants. So logically it should be called EQS.” EQ” is an electric vehicle, so “S” belongs to the “F” segment. But this is the first time the Stuttgart brand has offered two 100% electric vehicles in the same segment. There is already EQS. So everyone already has EQS SUVs. However, this name has not yet been confirmed. Also, the production model cannot be rejected as a “classic” Mercedes variant, more “regular” or AMG, sportier because the concept badged the Mercedes-Maybach. Again, we’ll know more in a few days, but we expect the final version to be very close to the concept, as the copy already in progress means the project is going well. It’s closer to the EQS It’ll be based on the same platform as the EQS sedan, and since it’s an SUV, it’s equipped with all-wheel drive, so only the most powerful of the two versions of the latter offering an output of 385 kW (about 523 hp) under the hood There is a logic to accept it: the autonomy is lower than that of a sedan with very fine aerodynamics (Cx 0.20), nevertheless of a very comfortable capacity of 107.4 kWh. Batteries can show more than an honest result in this regard. Finally, like a sedan, it is produced like the smallest EQE SUV (name is confirmed again) at the Tuscaloosa plant in the US, not Germany. See you in a month for more details.
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