Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo test drive: high voltage

Porsche. A brand that excites passionate fans just by mentioning it, and despite more than half a century, the iconic 911 has not aged at all. However, for the myth to persist, it must adapt to the market and its expectations. Cayenne, Panamera and now the Taycan, the beginning of a new era that can be tried in the Cross Turismo version of Porsche’s first 100% electric model. Charged by the Porsche Taycan from the first few seconds. First, the dimensions. It is nearly five meters long and nearly two meters wide. That said, it’s not always easy to get through the traffic jams in Paris. The undeniable presence attests to the many looks and smiles that intersect, a measure of which is highly appreciated in your profile. Your chance to spot a line reminiscent of that of a shooting break in this Cross Turismo symbol with the added bonus of a little adventurer side. For those more adventurous who can put the four-wheel drive (standard) to the test, 20mm higher protection attachments and ground clearance without forgetting the gravel mode. Then others will praise your sex appeal when appreciating it in a practical way. A more generous accommodation for the two rear seats and a further reduced trunk volume (446l + 81l front) to suit everyday life. And if purists scoff at the weight (2.3 tonnes) or even the line, the references to Stuttgart’s sports brand are multiple and won’t take a sensible eye. Porsche inscription with a 3D effect, a curve on the front bonnet or a drop on the roof line. More exclusive is the mirror vision on the rear axle identical to the 911. Every turn appears to be reminiscent of the interior of this Taycan Cross Turismo. It’s modern and sophisticated, yet conservative enough not to sabotage brand loyalty. But Porsche is now in tune with the times with ubiquitous screens, with a voice assistant (Hello Porsche), wireless CarPlay, and a driving assistant (special mention of a lift system with the possibility of automatic activation based on GPS location). It is tactile in whole or in part, refines the style and now removes unnecessary buttons. It also ensures ergonomics and customization to meet the expectations of demanding customers. The main tachometer has also adopted a curved shape for better readability. In this respect, tribute to the responsiveness consistent with the excellent definition of a slab. A more unique screen is positioned towards the passenger (optional), allowing the use of the infotainment system or reference to specific driving-related data. The rest is equivalent to a luxury car with a ticket price of over 100,000 euros. Comfort with adjustable air suspension, clean finishes, LED headlights and a range of options offered by a wide range of gear make the Taycan unique. But Porsche offers not just lines or comfort, but above all a driving experience. When the start button finds its logical position to the left of the steering wheel, the legacy demands, and the touch is done in complete silence. The point of the soft murmuring of flat 6 waking up. So only the screen is a reminder that everything is working properly. The selector in position D and Taycan rush into silence. For some it is a detail, for another it is an asset or, conversely, heresy. Discussion of current affairs as if the results have already been written. But even if the electric Porsche is still a Porsche, nostalgic people can rest assured. It only takes a few meters to be sure. Steering, braking and feel remain the same, and the instantaneous 500 Nm of torque has the effect of locking it into the seat for 0-100 shots in just 5 seconds on the Taycan 4 Cross with a slight press of the right pedal. Turismo and 380 hp (476 hp with overboost). Not fast enough? The solution can be found in terms of the Taycan 4S (490 hp), Taycan Turbo (625 hp) or the Turbo S, which can perform a workout in just 2.9 seconds. Excuse me! Thanks to the very low center of gravity typical of electric vehicles, everything is possible while still feeling anchored to the ground. Even at high speeds, the serenity of the cathedral that dominates the cabin underscores its serenity. It’s enough to sit comfortably on the leather seats upholstered in “burgundy red” contrasting with the black interior and enjoy your favorite playlists from the optional Burnmester audio system. But if indulging in Launch Control in its quietest state can be oddly pleasurable, the return of electric vehicles to the harsh reality will be quicker. Fortunately, Porsche is an excellent student. The Taycan is based on the ultimate performance 800V architecture. For now, only a handful of models can boast of exceptions. A 93 kWh battery can be charged to 80% in just 20 minutes in high-power terminals, which are becoming increasingly popular along major roads. Pay tribute to conveying the kinematics of the refill hatch with its sensitive opening and closing. As for consumption, 25kWh/100km during summer tests with air conditioning, not really “green” driving. But how can you resist without giving in to temptation? Some will say the absence of a flat 6, characteristic turns and hoarseness of a “cold start” is enough. It is difficult to refute them. But it also denies the obvious. This is an attraction that we will soon use in light of the (r) evolution of cars that are currently obsolete or on-going. A brilliant start to the Porsche and Taycan turns proves that you can switch to an electric vehicle without losing your soul, providing the sedan performance left only for sports cars a few years ago. All without sacrificing comfort or efficiency. After all, isn’t that the point?
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