The French-Chinese Motor Show opens in Paris without a German manufacturer.

ERIC PIERMONT / AFP Mercedes-Benz Group presents the AMG EQE SUV at the Rodin Museum during the Mercedes-Benz presentation in Paris on the eve of the Paris Auto Show on 16 October 2022. (Photo courtesy of Eric PIERMONT/AFP) ERIC PIERMONT/AFP The Mercedes-Benz Group presents the AMG EQE SUV at the Rodin Museum during a presentation held in Paris on October 16, 2022, the eve of the Paris Motor Show. MONDIAL DE L’AUTO – Without a BMW, Lamborghini or Jaguar, the Mondial de l’auto, which kicks off in Paris this Monday, 17 October, majestic French and Chinese groups, questioning the future. Held biennially in the Porte de Versailles, this two-week event has long celebrated October, which draws one million car enthusiasts. However, after being canceled due to the March 2020 pandemic, Mondial scaled its sails amid the complexities of the automotive industry. Organizers are targeting 300,000 to 400,000 visitors in just one week this year. Emmanuel Macron plans to visit the show during the day for the press this Monday, before the general public arrives on Tuesday. The president of the republic announced on Sunday a proposal to rent electricity for 100 euros for low-income households. Renault is the only brand to pull all the points out with the new Renault 4 on Monday, a descendant of the famous “4L”, an electric SUV that will sit side by side with the new Renault 5, an electric SUV. In the same group, Dacia and Alpine present a forward-looking concept. As for Stellantis, Peugeot, Jeep and DS are showing off several new models, while Citroën showed off the “sustainable” Oli concept ahead of the show. Other stars of the show with a large stand are the electric cars Ora, BYD or VinFast from Chinese and Vietnamese brands heading to European conquest. BNP replaces BMW. German manufacturers will not travel. After investing millions of dollars at the Munich Mobility Fair in September 2021, BMWs like Volkswagen will skip it, along with subsidiaries Mini, Seat, Bugatti or Lamborghini. Only Mercedes-Benz invites you to Paris on Sunday evenings, but avoids the World Cup. Japanese and Korean manufacturers also stand out for their absence. Several banks, such as BNP or Crédit Agricole, will be exhibiting vehicles for hire. Netflix and Lego are also expected. To attract visitors (with tickets ranging from 16 to 30 euros), the show did a great job for car YouTuber Vilebrequin (see video below), who will be exhibiting historic cars. You cannot view this content because you have rejected cookies related to third-party content. You can change your selection to view this content. Innovative manufacturers like Hopium and NamX betting on hydrogen, or the tiny French manufacturers Devalliet and Pantore will also be curious. Are you still interested in trade shows while cars still cause so much CO2 emissions and deaths on the road? The profession has been very fragmented over the past decade and brands are flocking to the internet to build their image. In 2021, the Munich show, which was meant to open up cycling and other mobility, was suspended due to major environmental protests. The Geneva show has been canceled three times and plans to move to Qatar. “Reinvent yourself” Renault Luca de Meo, who launched Renault Luca de Meo’s General Manager at Le Parisien at the end of September, said, “Reinvent yourself” “Because I like it, because we want to show you the best of what we make at the Auto Show. “At Stellantis, we see this as a marketing tool,” says Italian leader, “Autoshows will continue to move the crowd.” Competing it with others, for example sports appointments or advertisements. If we have something to say and can get the attention of visitors and the media, by our calculations, the show makes sense.” These leaders are due to speak at a summit on automobiles on Tuesday. People who previously had factories in France would have dinner with the president on Sunday evenings. “Each edition has to reinvent itself,” said Luc Chatel, co-host of the show via the Automotive Platform, during an event presentation. “The show shows what is happening in this sector.” Historically, we have faced a transition to very expensive electricity. The communications giant Hopscotch, organizing this year’s Mondial, wanted to make it a meeting place for future customers rather than a place to salivate at a Ferrari. Luc Chatel said, “The majority of manufacturers said they don’t want the show anymore. “We think it’s a mistake and we’ll try to show them that they’re wrong.” See also HuffPost: This I can’t view the content, you can change your selection to view this content.
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