Government puts health data center Computerworld on hold


The French government has withdrawn an authorization request from Cnil for the Health Data Center to host the main database of the national health data system. Hosting this project on Microsoft’s Azure is criticized by associations and parliamentarians. To avoid any controversy in the presidential debate, the French government took the decision to withdraw an authorization request from the Cnil for the Health Data Hub to host the SNDS, that is, the main database of the national system of health data The information was confirmed by the Cnil to our colleagues at the Tribune and a tweet from the Interhop association (French hospitals for the interoperability and free sharing of algorithms). The latter specified: “To operate @HealthDataHub needs authorization from @cnil to operate. The request was finally withdrawn by the government @Sante_Gouv. Therefore, @HealthDataHub has no legal existence. The project is probably on hold until the elections “. Less than a closure, it is a suspension or pause of a project. Modem deputy Philippe Latombe summarizes the upcoming capabilities of the Health Data Hub, “without the authorization of the Cnil, the HDH cannot function fully and normal, if it is capable of doing so. Therefore, there can only be very limited and very controlled pilot projects”. A mode of operation that Stéphanie Combes, director of the Health Data Hub, confirmed to our TIC Pharma colleagues, the platform “makes the data available to the authorized projects, one by one, thus accumulating the regulatory deadlines for obtaining authorizations for projects with the contractualization and availability deadlines since for each project ect an extraction must occur at the level of the data producer, which is then transmitted to the HDH”. Two years of controversy over Microsoft’s Azure hosting Beyond this pause, the Government wants to put an end to the recurring controversy surrounding this project. In fact, the biggest criticism concerns the choice to host health data in Microsoft Azure. At a time when issues of sovereignty are increasingly important, associations, parliamentarians, but also the Cnil or the Cnam have expressed themselves in favor of this option of entrusting the hosting of health data to an American actor (still that is HDS certified). In 2020, the Cnil had then expressed the desire, “given the sensitivity of the data in question, that its accommodation and the services related to its management could be reserved to entities that belong exclusively to the jurisdictions of the European Union “. The Caixa Nacional d’Assegurança Sanitària had also stressed that “the legal conditions necessary for the protection of this data” did not seem “fulfilled so that the entire main database could be made available to a company not exclusively subject to the European legislation”. The question now is to know the outcome of this affair. A few months ago, the Government presented its doctrine for the cloud and in particular for its state projects. Amélie de Montchalin, Minister of Transformation and Public Service, then specified that “the cloud is the default hosting of the State’s digital services, either in an internal cloud or in an external cloud qualified by Anssi as a trusted cloud “. He added “”from the moment there is a label, programs will have 12 months to migrate their data to this cloud”, referring in particular to the controversial Heath Data Hub project, hosted on Microsoft Azure. The problem is that today today there is no public cloud labeled as a cloud of trust. The Blue initiative with Orange and Capgemini does not exist at the moment. The Government therefore wants to give itself time to start again on the right foot and, hopefully, this once without controversy.
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