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A key event in the gastronomic landscape of the south-eastern French neighborhood and the Mediterranean basin, the biennial Food’in Sud fair will take place this year from January 23 to 25 in Parc Chanot, as usual. Dedicated to professionals in the restaurant, hospitality and tourism-related professions, this meeting allows you to discover the exhibitors and brands in the sector (around 150 in total), discover the latest developments to improve the offer and management of the establishments and to feel the pulse of Mediterranean cuisine with demonstrations and live events. The results of the 2020 edition, which welcomed more than 10,600 visitors and more than 100 chefs and speakers, revealed a very encouraging satisfaction rate at the end of the three days, as 9 out of 10 visitors declared themselves satisfied with the your participation in the show. and wanted to return in 2022. About ten days before the inauguration of the salon, 5th of the name, we can guess the pressure on the shoulders of Safim, organizer of Food’in Sud. “This edition of Food’in Sud will be under the sign of economic meetings, in line with the expectations of a sector tested by the health crisis”, announced Loïc Fauchon, CEO. of Safim. Therefore, our programming will focus on business meetings and digital solutions. Current digital The Covid-19 crisis has accelerated a trend already underway in the world of CSR and the need for professionals to be increasingly connected. Thus, visitors will be able, in a space dedicated to technology, to discover exhibitors that offer online booking solutions, click&collect, touch menus and QR codes, inventory management, e-reputation, etc., digital speed dating and conferences with, among others, The Fork’s experience in reservations, highlighting establishments, etc. Visitors will also find, among others, thematic areas in line with market trends: snacking, the Delicatessen By Food’in Sud, pizza. They will also be able, thanks to the system of pre-programmed company meetings when registering, to optimize their day and their meetings with the exhibitors. Food’in Sud: three days of debates, demonstrations and conferences Sunday 23 January Great competition Meet your future Gourméditerranée. Eight chefs and their apprentices from different hotel schools in the region will compete in an original competition. The students will have to prepare a creative and original dish thanks to a surprise basket that they will know 15 minutes before the competition. They will be trained by their apprentice master who can neither cut an onion nor hold a saucepan! A jury made up of chefs and personalities such as Fabien Lefebvre MOF 2004 (star chef of Pica Paca in Béziers), Loïc Fauchon (CEO of Safim), Lionel Levy (star chef of Alcyone in Marseille and president of Gourméditerranée), Tatiana de Williencourt ( director of the Epicurien Fund), Pierre Psaltis (director and journalist of Le Grand Pastis), Marco Djurasevic (Croatian chef who evolved in Madrid and Split, is the representative of the International Festival of Mediterranean Cuisine that will be held in Split in October) . 2022). They will have the difficult task of deciding between the trainees thanks to very specific selection criteria (presentation and balance, taste and texture, respect and use of the basket, creativity and originality, waste management and loss analysis). Southern pasta competition. From 14:00 to 16:30, the 12 artisans, vermicelli makers, chefs who prepare their pasta compete in 3 categories: fresh white pasta (the emphasis is on the taste and visual quality of pure pasta, without seasonings), stuffed pasta , stuffed of your choice (the only sauce allowed is the one produced with the ingredients that make up the filling) and creative pasta (leave room for imagination and surprise your guests). Cheese and cheese and wine pairing workshop in piazza della Pizza from 10.30am to 1pm? Two workshops will be offered. “Cutting methods of different families of cheeses, choice of assortment and conservation tips” (45 min). It will also discuss the choice of cheeses to offer a diversified and appetizing dish as well as storage tips. The second workshop will deal with “Cheese and wine pairing” (45min). Suggestions for pairings, classic or unusual, between the different families of cheeses and red, white or even orange wine. Monday, January 24 Exceptional culinary heritage, the Mediterranean diet must be preserved for future generations. We tend to forget it, but the traditional recipes that come from local food repertoires, the gestures and the way to make them, the ingredients and local products essential to prepare them as well as the way to consume them, they come from a food system. that respects sustainable development. • Mediterranean cooks get their hands dirty and make their kitchens a privileged place for eco-sustainable gestures and eco-responsible actions. They will participate in the show-cookings of three workshops on the following topics: “Mediterranean cuisine and local products”, “Traditional forgotten Mediterranean recipes” and “Mediterranean cuisine and wild plants”. These workshops will be run by the expert in Mediterranean culinary heritage Sonia Mlayah Hamzaoui who will talk about the Mediterranean diet, the cooking of the sun, sustainability, healthy and balanced eating. Among the cooks announced: Nour Milan, Ilham Moudnib, Vanessa Robuschi, Ahlmen Nguili and Marie-José Ordener • Point of reference on Tunisian cuisine, between tradition and modernity. Tunisian cuisine, which reflects its successive cultural heritages (Berber, Punic, Arab, Jewish, Turkish, Greek), is a cuisine where spices and aromatic herbs are ubiquitous. It is also a cuisine with many specialties that vary according to the region. Food’in Sud will host five chefs from the Tunisian Bocused’Or team, who will present different recipes from 4 varieties of cuisine: Berber, islands, desert and Cap Bon. Filo workshop with Escoffier’s Disciples. Faithful partner of Food’In Sud, the Disciples d’Escoffier association invites visitors to discover the infinite variety of uses of the famous filo pastry. A strong symbol of the cuisine of the Mediterranean basin, phyllo (phyllo) dough has its origins in Greece (phyllo means leaf in Greek) and Turkey. It is found in many cuisines (Maghreb, Greek, Kurdish, Turkish, Armenian, Levantine, Balkan, etc.), where it is used especially for making puff pastry and typical desserts. Its thickness can vary from that of a sheet of paper to several millimeters. Visitors will attend high-level demonstrations in the company of Armenian and French chefs who will showcase this key ingredient of Mediterranean cuisine. On the program: preparation of tartlets that combine the South and the North (oriental pistachios and red fruits) by Karen Achoughatoian and her team. The selections of France Marseille 2022 for the Pizza World Championship. Gather at the “Piazza della Pizza” to watch the best pizzaioli compete in the finals of the World Pizza Championship in Parma from April 4 to 6, 2022. It’s the great return of the most important international competition dedicated to pizza that brings together dozens of nations and hundreds of selected competitors from around the world. This competition is the definitive reference and gives rise to a true world tour of Pizza across many continents. The last edition of 2019 brought together 790 candidates, including 40 French! The World Pizza Championship qualifiers are organized by Pizza e Pasta Italiana, the reference magazine in Italy and around the world for pizza professionals and the entire restaurant industry. From 15:30 to 16:15 at the Espace Conférences, conference organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Aix-Marseille-Provence to benefit from the ecological transition as a lever of competitiveness, guarantee the sustainability of companies anticipating possible risks. , adapt the strategy in the context of the crisis, enhance the visibility and efficiency of companies thanks to digital, benefit from the local economy. An expert will guide hoteliers and restaurateurs towards possible financial aid and propose financed ways of progress. Tuesday 25 January From 10 am to 11.45 am, at the Place des Chefs, Ippei Uemura will work with local and seasonal products, using the ancestral techniques of his Japanese origins. For Food’in Sud, he will prepare live his specialty, the Umamiabaisse. A revisited bouillabaisse, which led to the discovery of the 5th flavor called Umami (the other 4 flavors are salty, sweet, sour, bitter). From 14:00 to 16:30 at the Place des Chefs, Marseille meets Paris for a street food battle with southern flavors. The Food Trucks Association of Marseille and Street Food en Mouvement de Paris will compete in 2 thematic events: The hamburger and the Mediterranean dish. Two duos from Paris and two from Marseille for each specialty will have to prepare their dishes by selecting 3 ingredients from a wide selection of Mediterranean ingredients… May the best win. From 14.00 to 15.30 in Piazza della Pizza, William Reid, ambassador of premium Scotch whiskeys at Pernod Ricard France, will use his experience in whiskey and gastronomy to discover the many possibilities of Food Pairing that can be carried out with the different types. of whiskeys From 14 to 16 in the conference space, workshops-debates will be offered by the Méditéa academy: “How to revalue the hospitality professions and recreate meaning? What practices and solutions to the problems of recruitment, loyalty and training in the hotel industry? and the restaurant sector? and “Employment attraction, recruitment, retention: hot spots and new approaches: testimonies, ways and solutions to adapt to profound changes in the context of the health crisis”. From 3 to 3.45 p.m., “New training models: What role can training play? what forms of training? How to integrate young people, people in difficulty, those who want to retrain? »
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