Iconik’s new festive patio is ready to be enjoyed in Italie 2


It is this Thursday, January 13, in the heart of the new extension of Italie Deux, that the new benchmark for lovers of Parisian street-food and pop culture officially opens to the public. 4 permanent restaurant concepts and an ephemeral pop-up at the heart of the trends have been selected to take charge of this festive food hall prepared by Hammerson, Enchanté and DEPUR Experiences. A pop-retro affair, just the right amount of quirky design, a lively festive program and an exquisite gastronomic offer, the new Iconik food hall, which opens its doors to the public from this Thursday, January 13, has it all the assets to become a privileged destination for Parisians in search of an immersive experience. It is in the new extension of Italie Deux, in the heart of the 13th arrondissement, where this new living space was designed for which the real estate company Hammerson has largely broken the codes to offer a differentiating environment, with a vocation for events , as part of the Réinventer Paris competition organized by the city to revitalize the urban space. “We wanted to give a shot to further revitalize this place, as part of the Italik project adjacent to the Italie Deux shopping center,” commented Renaud Mollard during a preview organized today. The intention was to completely change the way we approach our work as a real estate company by rethinking the commercial relationship”. The opening of the 400 m² food market, which had to be postponed several times due to the health context, is thus a key step in the life of this more global Italik project, which combines commercial, cultural, ‘leisure and, therefore, catering. in 6,400 m² in total. 4 permanent catering cells and an ephemeral pop-up It took more than three years of work to launch this Iconik concept with a capacity of around 300 people and equipped with a lively bar all day with a terrace, 4 permanent catering cells and an ephemeral one. gourmet pop-up “We started from a blank sheet with the ambition to create a place that stands out and offers a truly unique experience to customers,” says Dan Cebula, founder of the specialist firm DEPUR Experiences and requested in early 2019 by the teams of ‘Hammerson. to design the Iconik offer with them. After the identity of this urban pop food market was largely perfected, a call for projects was launched to discover the brands that would be privileged to invest in the turnkey catering units. “In the midst of Covid, in March 2020, we received more than 150 nominations before selecting the first 12 emblematic street food concepts that passed through the jury’s filter. We were looking for ultra-quality brands, with real know-how. already proven in its product segment, and supported by an active community on social media,” specifies Dan Cebula, DEPUR Experiences. In the end, 4 brands with a strong fast food theme were chosen (pizza, hamburger, Asian, etc.), Hammerson insisted on the logic of co-construction to appropriate and bring this emblematic place to life. The flexibility associated with short contracts (1 year renewable once) will also give restaurateurs more flexibility to test themselves. The logic is that customers can eventually discover new brands thanks to a periodically renewed offer. Kantine, Little Baobei, Magna, Père & Fish and La Quéquetterie, first choice! Thus, through the Tabesto terminals located at the entrance of the premises or directly through their smartphone through a dedicated application, Iconik customers can easily order from the room and then collect their order in one of the restaurants. And for this first year they will have to make a difficult choice between four beautiful brands with very varied culinary experiences. Opposite the bar, the young institution of District 9, Little Baobei, will offer a burger revisited based on the famous Bao bun, a soft round steamed brioche or the amazing Ramen bun made with noodles. Available in beef, chicken, fish or vegetable versions, it incorporates such amazing ingredients as matcha green tea, satay, ginger or even shiitake mushrooms to take your taste buds on a journey. Not forgetting the home fries, soybeans or even a few gyozas and other chicken wings with Korean sauce. At the back, in the main consumption space, two winning concepts of the Snack Academy 2019, Père & Fish and Magnà, were acclaimed. The first, imagined by the son of a fishmonger, offers salmon and hake in the style of hamburgers or fish & chips with non-alcoholic beer and ginger breadcrumbs, not forgetting the Apérifish for appetizers. The second, Magnà, imagined by Julien Serri, has already made a specialty of portafoglio (wrapped) or rotolò (rolled) pizza, inspired by traditional Mediterranean street food. Finally, alongside them, if Street BKK had been anticipated for a while, it was finally Kantine with its famous ultra-fresh, seasonal rolls that won the title. Little brothers of the rolls of the Kumo brand, they are thus reworked in a premium version while also offering donburi, a rice-based dish garnished with meat or fish and decorated with raw and cooked vegetables, edamane, gyozas or walnut gourmet skewers . On the other hand, an ephemeral space, which should be renewed approximately every six months, allows in this launch to discover the famous delights of La Quéquetterie, this brand was born in 2020. Known for these famous “fluffy pancakes” shaped of sex, La Quéquetterie founded by Taziana, will offer here exclusive recipes between €5 and €8. “The average ticket should remain very reasonable, between €13 and €15 on average, estimates Dan Cebula of Depur Experiences, about to launch a subsidiary of his Food & Beverage consultancy in New York after Casablanca, recently. Expect to see this Iconik venue take off quickly to reach an average of 500 decks/day despite a still unfavorable context. Enchanté to enliven and water the premises In this type of atypical space, the offer of drinks is obviously essential and this has been entrusted to the Enchanté teams, who manage the premises. The challenge, of course, was ideal for the operator of the Jardin Suspendu, Laho, La Grande Surface, or even La Gare du Sud de Nice, convinced for some time of the need to support the transformation of the centers commercial in its contribution of fun, soul. and share On the menu, this one is particularly well thought out with an offer of beers and craft beers, served by the half, pint or pitcher. Not forgetting cocktails with evocative names or, for the more reasonable, homemade lemonade, iced tea or milkshakes and shakes. Either way, the place will not fail to seduce thanks to an immersive design, influenced by the industrial style. The 80s and 90s take center stage here, while free-to-access vintage video consoles will appeal to fans of retro games, while little touches like fun urn-shaped ashtrays on the neon terrace the colored lights and the excellent jukebox. in the atmosphere The idea is to bring this space to life with daily meetings: participatory workshops, blind tests, contests, children’s entertainment, karaoke, themed evenings, not forgetting the DJ sets that will start next weekend. To never miss any snacking news, follow us on Twitter @francesnacking And don’t forget to share this article, if you found it helpful, with your community!
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