Sport and pandemic: Fitness and yoga apps are a hit


The pandemic has radically changed some of our habits. Many meetings have gone virtual, and if video work sessions quickly got tiring, playing sports thanks to Zoom has motivated many people to return! From the start of the first semi-confinement, everyone understood the importance of staying active. Let’s remember the humorous and yet helpful program of the RTS, Ens movem! with Simon Romang. Time saving, home comfort, no need to move or change, the advantages are numerous, especially for moms or travelers for whom every minute is precious… or for those who are phobic about the fitness atmosphere . And this trend is made to last, to see the success of communities federated by fitgirls and fitboys with phenomenal success on social networks, Sissy Mua at the head. Independent sports trainer and physical education teacher Marjorie Pidoux recognizes the benefits of online sports while making some caveats: “Many of my regulars have been users of apps like Nike Training or Asana Rebel, who have needed a surplus of motivation and intensity of effort. . You have to be able to hold out for the long term. I supervise groups of 3 or 4, which creates emulation. Alone in front of the screen, you are not as diligent. Without supervision, the temptation is great to to go get a glass of water, or even to answer an SMS, which obviously reduces efficiency… In addition, even if they are moderate, the risks of getting hurt are good: “It is better to already have some practice in the sport, reminds the vaudoise. I am surprised to see people doing simple exercises like squats in the wrong way and potentially dangerous for their body! It is even more serious if we lift loads. Fitness, yoga, even combat The closing of pavilions esp ortius obliges, most yoga centers have tried to offer their classes on Zoom (or any other live video tool). With shared comments. Everyone recognizes that the energy is not the same in a group or at a distance. The yoga teacher based in Neuchâtel, Pascale Maurissen, has chosen to give her classes online for a year, but is beginning to feel the limits of the exercise: “In the beginning, people were motivated, but we still feel that the contact “It’s debilitating, and even with the cameras, I can’t correct the poses accurately.” An opinion expressed by most teachers, following the example of Laurence de Crousaz, also went live on Zoom, with in particular a morning lesson based on the flow of the seasons. “It allows the convenience of practicing from home. To go further, people can try other services in private, stress management, Ayurveda, head or face massages, etc.”, develops the practitioner of yoga and relaxation, who officiates between Pully and Vétroz, in Were worth . New normal While a reduction in measures is on the horizon, fitness centers and yoga studios are still happy to find some normality. This is the case of Yogaworks in Lausanne, which does not offer online courses. “We think it’s a completely different concept from face-to-face courses,” explains its director, Marielle Fraser. Also, our customer base has not shown interest in the Zoom courses we’ve offered during the shutdowns of the past few months.” Apps and other digital platforms are often seen as complementary, but their proliferation testifies to a change in habits. More and more people are appreciating the intimacy of face-to-face with a screen.Another area that has had to adapt to health restrictions, the diet coaching program Weight Watchers (called WW) has developed its offering online at the expense of the famous meetings No more public weighing, hello the convenience of digital tools, points calculator, recipes, discussion forum and even… fitness videos! Editor’s Favorite Apps Asana Rebel 5-30 minute yoga-inspired fitness sessions: warm-up, breathing, followed by core exercises, strengthening, flexibility, then cool down with traditional savasana, full back relaxation Enough Access ible so as not to lose motivation, a very wide variety of sessions, nutritional advice, and available in French, for a small price (from 59 euros per year). A free version allows access to some videos. Glo The favorite app for yoga teachers, who recognize some (American) celebrities, such as Annie Carpenter, Jason Crandell or Dice lida-Klein. The app allows you to practice yoga (all levels) but also offers Hiit, cardio, pilates and meditation sessions! And several live lessons per week… In English, for $24 a month or 195 for a year. Train Sweat Eat Sissy Mua started from nothing 10 years ago, with videos recorded in her living room in Nice, before building an empire around fitness. Her personality is captivating (1.5 million followers on Insta) and the feeling of belonging to a community helps with motivation. Varied sports training to “become the best version of yourself”, but also nutrition, yoga, as well as derivative products (food, clothing). Low price, about 15 euros per month, or 96 for a year, or even 198 for 3 years! Down Dog A complete yoga application for 64 francs a year. We choose the type of yoga, the duration, the music, the level, the type of explanations, long or short! The application creates a new session each time. Down Dog is available in 11 languages, including French, and also offers meditations and more muscular sessions (HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, and dance-inspired Barre). Youtube We forget it but it is an inexhaustible source of videos of all kinds. To give yourself a sports session where you, or a special Full Moon yoga practice, an infinite choice, at any time, without registration, without downloading, for free! To receive the latest articles from Femina, subscribe to the newsletters.

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