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Yoga removed from its foundations, sports trainer at a discount… While the market explodes, its actors are less and less trained. Focus. The problem arose a few years ago with acupuncture. In China, where the discipline was born, or in Taiwan, acupuncturists train in medical school for seven or eight years. But in France, you can study the practice in a few weeks. “There are more and more private training courses, very expensive, open to everyone without a required minimum level and without any control exam at the end,” testifies Ling-ya Hsu, an acupuncturist and professor at the Faculty of Medicine in Paris Seine. – Saint Denis However, if until then the conditions for becoming an acupuncturist were not clear, now the State has ruled. “Now, he continues, a university education of two or three years is required and is open only to doctors and midwives. However, there are many who continue to consult without having previously studied medicine. “With the risk of “losing serious pathologies”. So, do we need more controls? Read also: Which sport to get back in shape after the pandemic? The follow-up to this announcement Four years ago, all sports educators holding a state diploma were subject to verification by the Ministry of Sports. “Twice a year for fifteen years for me, an agent was surprised to see our diplomas and our professional cards at the clubs where we worked. But for four years no one has ever come to check on me”, wonders Ludivine, a sports trainer in the Paris region. At the same time, since the first confinement, the number of people improvising as trainers and imparting training on social networks has multiplied. The phenomenon is even spreading to Pilates studios, where you can find teachers who have never been trained. Franck Bonarel, director of operations at the prestigious Parisian clubs Blanche, Klay and Ken for thirty-five years, laments this state of affairs. “When we test the future teachers of our establishments, we see that the level is much lower than before. In question ? There are many more people in the market and the training is uneven. Some students study over 700 hours to become coaches, while others teach after just 100 hours. The problem comes from certain unions who want to reduce training time, and this is a real danger. As for those who teach courses without a diploma, the risk of injuring the practitioners due to poor positioning and exercises and lack of anatomical knowledge is enormous”, specifies the specialist. What follows after this announcement Élodie Garamond, founder of Tigre Yoga Club, makes the same observation. “We are terrified by the quality of the training. People have been practicing for barely two years, then they want to teach and train in a hurry without being screened. But the reality is that after 200 hours, the current learning format, you have no knowledge, no theory, no eye. The courses do not offer enough study of philosophy, anatomy or text”, he explains. It must be said that, over eight years, in France, the demand has multiplied by 5 (9.7 million practitioners declared in 2021) and the supply by 10 (studies, pavilions, companies, training). Sports and wellness are in fashion, which is why the coaching profession is becoming more and more desirable. As a result, training institutes, attracted by the lure of profit, constantly flourish, but they are not always solid. “Today, we try to make yoga dependent on a ministry so that the training is supervised. We are working with many federations to enhance the quality of this discipline and put an end to online training, because this is the worst”, concludes Élodie Garamond. IMPROVISE THE MASSAGE IN 48 HOURS? Learn massage or lymphatic drainage techniques in a weekend and get your first clients on Monday morning, that’s what certain training courses that are a hit at the moment promise, all for a pretty penny. “You can’t blame them, but be careful when they guarantee you ultra-fast retraining and a fabulous salary. The secret is to multiply them and train a lot”, says Emmanuelle Rodeghiero, founder of the Little Biceps Institute (59, rue du Temple, Paris IVe, What happens after this announcement What happens after this announcement THE KEYS TO THE RIGHT CHOICE First of all, you get advice from those around you, gather opinions. Then we don’t hesitate to ask for the course and the diplomas of the person giving the lessons. Finally, if we don’t feel well taken care of, we listen to ourselves and test the discipline with someone else.
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