Melting Pot, Bagnolet’s new good and beautiful dining area


By Laura B. · Photos by Laura B. · Posted March 2, 2022 at 11:32 am Melting Pot is a brand new food court that opened last fall near Bagnolet. The menu? Pizzas, burgers, pasta, Thai and even Indian cuisine. Everything homemade, with a colorful decoration that is worth the detour. We love the concept. It is not only the capital that has good and friendly places to eat. If the 13th arrondissement now has Iconik, Bagnolet also has its food court. It’s Melting Pot, which opened in Seine-Saint-Denis last November. Right in front of the Gallieni metro station. In addition to being a very decorated and very Instagrammable place (we bet fashionistas and other Instagrammers will soon all cross the ring road to get there), the place offers very good home cooking. In a courtyard worthy of the name, Melting Pot offers various cuisines from around the world in one place. With the exception that, unlike the usual restaurant places, it is not several brands that have set up shop in the same place, but only one, Melting Pot, which has developed several kitchens. This way, there are no more fights between those who want to eat a pizza and those who prefer a hamburger: everything is available in the food court. Everyone can eat different things together. Melting Pot is therefore at the same time a trattoria, with its oven, which offers pizzas and pasta. But also a Thai corner with in particular the famous pad Thai. And also a French bistro with hamburgers, salads and other cuts of meat. As well as Indian cuisine with classic curry and tikka masala, among others. When it comes to desserts, mostly American-inspired, they meet at Yankees Coffee. One of Melting Pot’s strong points? Their prices are very attractive. Thus, a drink is offered for each dish ordered. And, at noon, dessert only costs 1 euro more. So, for example, the formula with margarita pizza, drink and dessert costs 8.90 euros at lunchtime. An almost unbeatable value for money when you know that everything is made on site. Faced with so many proposals, it was necessary to choose. Thus, we opt for the spring rolls, with chicken and prawns. They are fried minutes, it is appreciable. To stay in the Asian style, then we try the pad thai, with shrimp. The markers and flavors of Thai cuisine are really present. On the bistro side, the pulled beef burger, served with fresh home fries, is very tasty and generous. It is plentiful, but the dessert stretches our arms. The caramel cheesecake is really good, as is the chocolate cake. Dishes that we accompany with house cocktails without alcohol, based on tea and fruit juice. In addition to its food, Melting Pot is also a very visual concept with its decor that will attract people. Between, tree, wall fresco, large fish tank, mailbox, traffic light and clouds on the ceiling, the place promises some very beautiful photos. A decoration pushed even to the toilets, where each toilet has its own style, and where the very urban sound environment is directly inspired by the subway. Behind Melting Pot are two partners, Alexandre Von Mehks and Sofiane Benkaddar. After working in large restaurant groups (Flo, Bertrand, KFC, Vapiano…), the latter wanted to start and create his concept. Also, in the old days, he watches the grain and does not hesitate to send back the dishes that do not suit him. Full of ambition, the partner duo also plans to open several Melting Pot food courts. This test was conducted as part of a professional invitation. If your experience differs from ours, let us know in the comments.
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