Lucile Woodward, Julie Pujols-Benoit…These Fitness Queens To Follow For Effective, Serious Muscle Building


Trainers, dancers, athletes… They triumph on the networks with their new methods and inspire their community by sharing their day-to-day life. It is the most popular sporting activity in the world and in France (1): fitness is in the first disciplines ahead of running, cycling, football and swimming. Dusted off by creative trainers who are on the move, the heir to aerobics reinvents itself digitally. Because since the Covid-19 pandemic and the successive confinements that have pushed fans to train at home, the distance sports market has continued to expand. After gyms closed, health and fitness app downloads jumped from 565 million to 811 million in the second quarter of 2020 alone (2). of a club is considering continuing virtual training (3). On Instagram and YouTube, during this period, the eldorados of new holistic trends, a multitude of live courses and new free programs have emerged, which make the practice accessible to as many people as possible, but also open the door to amateur and opportunistic coaching. . Certified teachers have distinguished themselves by creating their own online platforms, offering higher quality content by subscription or on demand. Also read “Streak running”: Is running every day effective? good for sweating These star instructors have won over hundreds of thousands of devotees thanks to their innovative concepts (from classical dance mixed with boot camp, Pilates to 2000s pop songs, or even dynamic yoga to hip-hop music). hop), but not only… These new wellness gurus with a unifying aura have been able to forge bonds with their community through the screen, chatting in real time with their subscribers and revealing the backstage of a female entrepreneur of social networks. Portraits of six of them that make the French sweat as much as they fascinate them. (1) Ipsos study “Global views on exercise and team sport”, July 2021. (2) “State of Mobile 2022” report from the Analysis App Annie company. (3) 2021 Global Fitness Consumer Study by Les Mills. Lucile Woodward, The Sense of BalanceLucile Woodward, The Sense of Balance. Press service ● Her career This former scientific journalist gave up everything to pass the state sports trainer diploma. A pioneer at a time when the term “influencer” didn’t exist yet, she created her YouTube channel in 2014. She talks without taboos about all women’s health and well-being concerns in the broadest sense. Three years later, she created her own method, Body by Lucile, which she is perfecting today, surrounded by a team of nutritionists and psychologists to give her full support. His frankness and benevolence are especially appreciated by his 257,000 subscribers on Instagram ● His method Realistic and progressive programs to obtain and maintain long-term results. Developed according to seasons or themes (legs, abs, arms, swimming, running, etc.), these multimedia e-books contain virtual sports sessions, ideas for balanced menus or even audio recordings to boost motivation . Something to make life easier for its customers, “women who have a heavy mental load, demanding jobs, children, and who want to do everything at the same time. Those who are very active and have huge time and organization constraints,” she explains. ● Her wellness tip “My best ritual to combat my sleep problems is to exercise in the morning in the daylight. It wakes you up and gets you in shape for the day, especially when you’ve had a bad night’s sleep. The benefits are felt the same evening.»Sports programs from €39.90 to download at lucilewoodward.comSissy Mua, concentrated energySissy Mua, concentrated energy. Press service ● Her journey The influencer with 1.5 million subscribers on Instagram has entered the big leagues since passing her training as a trainer. However, Niçoise is far from a beginner: she’s celebrating the 11th anniversary of her YouTube channel, which propelled her to fitness stardom thanks to her “Bikini with Sissy” videos. Faced with the blazing success of her free sessions, this biological engineer by training founded the TrainSweatEat platform in 2018 with her partner, Tini ● Her method Short and intense training sessions, timed to the nearest second to make them as profitable as possible. From HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) to bodybuilding to cross training, the multitude of disciplines on offer (supervised by other specialist trainers) galvanize their followers, who are looking for a quick and radical transformation. Even recovery and nutrition (100% vegan) are not forgotten. “The goal is not just to chain the programs one after the other, but to do them all together. This group effect is what keeps people motivated. They don’t feel alone in front of the TV, they know other people are training with them. We are a big family, and that’s what makes us strong,” sums up Sissy Mua, who has almost a million subscribers on her app. ● Her wellness tip “I work out in the morning to make sure I give myself this time. for me, because too often in the evening, my session fell by the wayside due to my long days at work. So I go to work in a good mood, because my sporting goal has been achieved.” TrainSweatEat app, subscription from €5.50 per month at trainsweateat.comAnouk Hamel, the angel of vitalityAnouk Hamel, the angel of vitality. Press service ● Her career A dancer at the Paris Conservatoire for more than ten years, Anouk was injured before appearing for the entrance exam to the Opera. As an escape, this state-certified trainer gives classes in prestigious sports halls in Paris (Klay, Ken Club, 21Blanche, the Ritz, etc.), where she forms a private clientele. His popularity rating grew digitally during the pandemic: “He was giving up to five classes a day live on the clubs’ social networks, it was a total frenzy. In the beginning there were ten of us, in the end there were thousands, he remembers. My followers have started using the hashtag #BodyByAnouk to share their before/after fitness results on Instagram. Then it became my company and my online course studio.” ● Her method You don’t have to rely on her angelic physique: this sunny blonde does not spare her students with her sustained workouts that combine Pilates flows, cardioboxing or bar on the ground again. The one who shares her life between Cape Town, South Africa and Paris always brings a holistic dimension to her training (meditation, stretching, breathing exercises, etc.), filmed in the four corners of the world, with impressive landscapes for the decoration ● Her wellness tip “In the morning I practice emptying my stomach by taking at least 10 to 20 breaths. It allows you to activate the transit and do a lot of good for your stomach by massaging it.” Subscription from €16 per month at bodybyanouk.comJulie Granger, American style dancerJulie Granger, American style dancer. Press service ● Her career This professional dancer cut her teeth in the companies of the Boston Ballet and the Joffrey Ballet in Chicago. Selected by the prestigious Equinox gym chain, she then taught fitness in New York, where she launched new registered concepts. Back in France, Julie Granger founded The Studio Paris: “I wanted to bring the fitness of the future to the American style that was missing here,” she explains, citing in particular among her creations the Brooklyn Barre (a mix of Pilates, dance ). and floor bar), or Ballerina Training (a boot camp-style circuit training course). After the lockdown, it changed its business model by going completely digital. His English classes, which he travels to the world’s most beautiful hotels, attract clients from San Francisco to Sydney. At the same time, she has just been appointed Guerlain’s wellness expert ● Her method A language and movements inspired by classical dance: tight pointe shoes, bends and other breaks are mixed with HIIT moves. All with electro pop music. “People imagine the cliché course with a tutu, but it’s a real workout, which makes you sweat and causes you pain. We maintain the training qualities of a dancer, who draws long and thin muscles, while working on their posture and gaining elegance and self-confidence”, assures Julie Granger. ● Her wellness tip “I always start the day with a hot drink. lemon water with a spoonful of honey to clear my voice before class. On summer mornings I like to make my super smoothie: a banana, two ice cubes, almond milk and a spoonful of almond butter. »Subscription from €30 per month at thestudioparis.comClotilde Chaumet, hip- hop yogi Clotilde Chaumet, hip-hop yogi. Press service ● Her journey It was in California where the young woman developed her passion for yoga, before training in the Ashtanga method in India. On his return to France in 2016, he founded TIHHY (Very Intense Hip-Hop Yoga), a course that goes against the traditional Zen and mystical atmospheres, because it is in the dark rooms of the Dynamo indoor cycling studios that this hyperactive coach is being introduced to Parisians. She completed her yoga training in Los Angeles and immediately learned sound baths (sound baths with crystal bowls). After calming her more than 44,000 Instagram followers to the sound of her ‘magic bowls’ during the pandemic, the Nike ambassador goes digital: ‘This is what has expanded my community in the province and in Canada. Some have discovered that you can also progress by practicing online,” observes Clotilde Chaumet. ● Her method Punchy vinyasa yoga in urban music, between artistic performance and spiritual experience. The voluntarily intense rhythm favors self-transcendence and includes challenges, such as hand positions to “de-dramatize, challenge yourself, trust yourself,” she says. ● Her wellness tip “Every day I practice at least five minutes of meditation, just to reconnect with my breath , with my mind. Sound baths have helped me a lot to find peace of mind.” Subscription from €16 per month at tv.tihhy.comJulie Pujols-Benoit, trainer of the starsJulie Pujols-Benoit, trainer of the stars Press service ● Her background It was an unfortunate event that led to her vocation: “One day I spilled water from my kettle. Half of my body had second and third degree burns. I wore a special suit for a year and a half. That’s when I realized that I really missed movement” , says Julie Pujols-Benoit. Once restored, the Bordeaux woman takes revenge by pocketing the state sports trainer diploma in 2010, before training in Pilates. Today, she counts among her clients Adèle Exarchopoulos, Ana Girardot and Géraldine Nakache Booty, who sells out in Parisian sports clubs. During the lockdown, her live sessions on Instagram brought her new notoriety (65,000 subscribers) and encouraged her to recreate Les Cours de Julie online. We find many methods (Color Sculpt, Barre Fit ness, etc.), recommended by gynecologists for their benefits in toning the perineum. . I do it in the morning and in the evening in my bed, five to ten minutes. It’s fast, it’s not expensive and it’s really good for the skin.” Subscription from €25 per month at
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