Paris street food has its ‘definitive guide’


For thousands of high school students, students and young workers in Paris, Victor Habchy is the person behind “The Definitive Guide” to street food. Since 2020, this jack-of-all-trades photography enthusiast has been digging up and sharing the capital’s best addresses on social media. The immediate success of a restaurant that makes hamburgers for less than 3 euros (the aptly named “Mangez et casse-vous”, rue Alexandre Dumas, in the 11th arrondissement), is him. The crowd around a kebab seller who offered free “sandwiches in solidarity” in March 2021, forcing the police to intervene, is also him. Like the popularity of this small and elegant Japanese boui-boui with delicious bentos hidden on rue Charles-François-Dupuis in the 3rd arrondissement. Read also Article reserved for our subscribers Tired of cooking? Five chef burgers to deliver in Paris Donuts, pasta, bubble tea, ramen, falafel, brunches and meats of all kinds, ice cream and most recently, without laughing, a delicious… poutine from Quebec, chosen world champion in its category! Victor Habchy, navigating the capital’s expansion of inventive international street food, shares addresses he’s tried and loved. He found in social networks a perfect relief. He has more than 300,000 followers aged 20-35 on his “The Ultimate Guide to Paris” Instagram page, and 1.5 million, even younger, on the TikTok page, where he originally s ‘had made it known by sharing videos. of his travels. Last December, he also published a book, The Ultimate Guide to Paris (Hachette), which lists 130 places to eat at a reduced price. How do you explain the success of your street-food videos with young people? Street food is part of pop culture, like music, dance or theatre. And I think that, trying new addresses, it’s actually an experience that young Parisians are looking for, like going to the cinema. So, when we offer to be the guide to these addresses… My role and my pleasure is to unearth them small artisans who have merit and may need this visibility. I spend a good part of my days searching the internet and walking around Paris to chat with restaurant owners and taste their dishes. One of your latest finds? I recently shared a video about an absolutely delicious Japanese restaurant, it’s only 4 square meters and only open on Wednesdays! A little surprise is what people are looking for, especially young people. I notice a continued interest in foreign food, which makes it possible to travel, to go somewhere else. Young people need it, especially for two years. Hence also, I imagine, the success of my travel videos, in Asia, or even very recently in Mexico and the United States. How did you become an influencer? I grew up in Picardy, in a family of teachers. After high school, my taste for economics led me, somewhat out of convenience, to study economics. In my free time, I devoted myself to my passion, photography, sharing my work with more and more people, on Facebook at the time. Then I was spotted by Sony with whom I did a big photo project in 2014 at the Burning Man festival in the United States. This gradually led me to video and then directing, with a feature film released on YouTube in 2018. In 2019 I went on a bike trip across Asia, between China and Bali, during which I posted stories on Instagram , but in a fairly confidential environment. . After the first lockdown of 2020, I decided to share my TikTok journey by reposting my videos. It worked immediately and quite unexpectedly: 150,000 subscribers on the first day and 8 million views. In the most viewed video, I explained how a dog had followed me for a large part of my journey. Then I quickly started posting videos about my second passion, street food, sharing good Parisian addresses on the Instagram account @leguideultime. The one from a restaurant in the 11th arrondissement that does hamburgers for 2.70 euros worked very well, as have the following ones since then. I don’t charge these brands for the advertising I do for them, but I do get paid with paid subscriptions to my site, which allows subscribers to benefit from discounts at Parisian restaurants. Severin Graveleau
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