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While the health crisis and the digital push have redistributed the zones of influence, the founder of Clásico Argentino Enrique Zanoni and his son Matteo have decided to transform their Parisian unit in the Passage des Panoramas into a new concept of Argentine street food. On the menu: sliced ​​Black Angus beef from Argentina or milanese empanadas and fried. As pointed out by Matteo Zanoni, responsible for the development of the Clasico Argentino chain founded by his father in 2011 and which today has 7 locations in Paris (including the first franchise in Montparnasse station with SSP in 2021), one in Lille with The Original Food Court and a dark kitchen in Courbevoie (in Kitchen Box), the idea had been in their heads for years: to offer top quality meat, in street food format. The post-Covid redistribution of cards has made the two Clasico Argentino units of Passage des Panoramas and Pigalle too close in terms of catchment area, especially for delivery. Hence the decision to take the step and turn the 2nd district unit into a new concept called Asado, borrowed from the Spanish and which designates both grilling and roasting and barbecue. A name to express a positioning centered on Black Angus beef, therefore first quality, fresh and from Argentina. “In Paris there are already several Argentinian restaurants that offer very good meat, but the prices are quite high and in a format that is served at the table”, explains Matteo who wanted to bet on offering his steak in a sandwich or in a sandwich plate (in 150 g), with an unmatched quality-price ratio. Fried empanadas and a signature bread Lalos If the decoration was sober (although additional decorative touches are foreseen to dress up the place more), the offer was built, briefly, around 3 main recipes: 2 rump steak, a served in slices. in a sandwich or on the table (€14) and the other in the form of Milanese escalope (la Milanesa – €14) so ​​breaded with panko. And to enhance the premium quality, an ad hoc bread was needed. And it was the famous Parisian baker Frédéric Lalos who set about making a crispy ciabatta made with olive oil, lightly toasted before shipping. So the sandwich is served slightly warm and crispy, topped with their freshly cooked beef, their homemade chimichurri sauce made with herbs and fresh vegetables for the first sandwich and with homemade mayo and PDO provolone for the the breaded rib. The 3rd sandwich, the Chori, contains a sausage with Argentinian spices (paprika and ground chili). To complete the menu, customers can select one of the 4 types of empanadas (€4) including 3 vegetables (Spicy Cane with spicy meat, Fugazzeta with caramelized onion-mozzarella, Vegetables with baby spinach-bechamel-mozzarella and Onion with mushrooms-mozzarella), which, unlike the Clásico Argentino, are not cooked but fried, to differentiate themselves, points out Matteo. And for dessert, a selection of ice creams (the same as at Clàsico) that include dulce de llet (a killer!) or even empanadas (made in the Montreuil house laboratory) twisted with puff pastry and garnished with chocolate or sweet milk For now, as Matteo explains, Asado is a one-shot to try and see, while the Clasico Argentino chain, for its part, continues its development with several projects, including a 40 m² premises in Montrouge and several locations planned for 2022. with The Original Food Court in Lyon, Nancy, Marseille, Bordeaux and Strasbourg. To never miss any snacking news, follow us on Twitter @francesnacking And don’t forget to share this article, if you found it helpful, with your community!
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