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Do fitness instructors tend to go too fast to “sell” quick results to people who want to train and practice physical activity?©J.Leibson / GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / AFPSport for AllFitness Professionals tend to teach increasingly difficult movements or methods , which are not always suitable for people who want to train or do a gym session. Atlantico: In gyms, do fitness instructors tend to go too fast to “sell” quick results? How to explain it? Jean-Cyrille Lecoq: In view of the echoes of the American press, there are gaps in the training of sports coaches. Many of them practice fitness or bodybuilding. They consider that having practiced will be enough to advise and then “teach” their practice. With this observation, it is clear that we risk going too fast and not listening to the rhythm of the practitioner who also has this illusion. We are in a body worship society. Going fast, we reckon we’ll have more abs for summer and the beach. The more they do, the more they get. The relationship with time is a bit skewed. People don’t necessarily want to wait. Just look at the ads for electrostimulation systems. These electrostimulation devices are suitable and useful for people who already have a base of bodybuilding or when they have been injured, it allows them to lose less muscle than if they did no activity. But this device alone will not allow you to build muscle. The paradox is that since you have a muscle contraction, it sends a pain signal and since it is tempting to think that by hurting yourself you are working well, there is actually a risk of injury. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 75% of Americans do not meet the recommended minimum levels of exercise. Is there a problem in the learning methods? Is this the case in France? Also read When fitness or health apps do you more harm than good In France, this can be done with a prescription. Ideally, if we were much stricter, it would be important to do an actual stress test. The current fashion is the practice of cross-fit. When we actually look at who the people most likely to benefit from this practice are actually individuals who were already doing weight training. They have very few problems with lifting weights or back problems. The advantage of crossfit is that you get out of the routine. You push yourself, you go for a run, you jump rope… This whole aerobic sequence will allow you to lose weight and build muscle. But if your heart rate isn’t monitored or monitored through a stress test, you could be in for some pretty nasty surprises. Therefore, there may be laxity in this issue of stress testing. The idea that to hurt yourself you work hard and that you will build muscle, unfortunately, remains in the minds of practitioners. I teach at the university, in STAPS. We realize that sport prescribed to people with much more serious pathologies such as cancer and diabetes, with medical monitoring and supervision, and the advice that will be given will be much more beneficial and adapted to the person’s pace. . The effects of sports in this particular environment and with these tips are beneficial. Ideally, you should consider that a normal person should take advanced exams to really adjust and see if they are able to keep up with the pace that will be imposed on them. This is rarely the case, unfortunately. Also read Even fitness is becoming netflix, these new sports devices that allow you to train without leaving home To progress effectively and healthily, how important is it to learn simple and effective movements? Is it dangerous to want to “go too fast” without going through the basics? What are the risks? Are beginner exercises treated as a niche? Should we resort to simplicity and fun exercises? If we rely on neuroscience, we can cite the example of mirror neurons. These neurons allow us, by observing someone, to learn the technical gesture. Very quickly, we will tend to copy the gesture we observe. On the other hand, performing the gesture requires learning. By not doing it right, the risk is to injure myself. I have trained many teachers in gyms. Many people row. In general, the mistake made during this activity is to focus everything on the arms. Rowing, when you really do it, is actually about the legs. Good posture for your back and legs will prevent you from hurting yourself. On the other hand, if you constantly stretch your arms and shoulders, you run the risk of injury, especially in your lower back. Basically, rowing is quite an interesting sport because it is comprehensive. It allows you to strengthen your back and abs. But if you don’t do it right, you can get hurt. This is the problem we have with television. When we watch professional sports on a screen where we witness an ease of technical gesture, as a spectator, we have the impression that this is easy to achieve. What we forget is that these athletes have been practicing for years. Television facilitates gesture while learning the correct gesture. May refer to biomechanics. There is an illusion of ease when you watch professional sports and contemplate certain gestures when they have required a whole process of long-term learning and training. In gyms, this criterion is often forgotten. Practitioners feel that they have mastered their environment or certain tools in this familiar gym environment and that they do not need to learn. It is often when pain or injury occurs that people realize they have not performed the exercises properly. Training also plays a crucial role. Accompanying someone involves paying attention to different elements such as knowing if the weights you have placed are suitable for the person in question. To also read2020, the year of the digital fitness boomIn general, how do you differentiate between individuals who progress quickly and those who do not? What are your tips for progressing quickly, whatever the discipline? In order to progress quickly, the basis is to have a good assessment. In order to have a good evolution, a rigorous evaluation is necessary. If a person wants to make progress in the abdominal area or wants to build muscle in the lower back, it is necessary to see their needs, define goals according to the sessions and a precise calendar and then observe concretely the advances and progress. Progress can be made quickly if there is a good assessment at the beginning and if afterwards there is a progression that allows the person to realize the work they are doing. Evolution is not always taken into account because the criteria put in place are not objective enough or are not observable, from the moment you have made a good assessment you can only move forward. With the connected watches and after having made an assessment of your VO2 max, your maximum oxygen consumption, you will be able to adapt to the required effort with respect to your VO2 max thanks to the connected watch. It is possible to monitor yourself and see progress in this regard. So everything that is embedded and connected can be an interesting help. But this requires that the people who evaluate you are also able to master these objects. So training will be important. In the world of fitness, there were many differences between gyms in the past. Since the Australians and Americans started programs like miles, a very framed method became widespread. This has made it possible to harmonize practices in gymnasiums. So the difference between gyms has narrowed. Now there are good workouts in gyms, but everything starts from a good assessment, which is a key criterion. Then the person will be able to progress quickly. It is also important to see if the sport the person wants to practice is really suitable for him and his needs. With all the onboard tools we have, especially for heart rate monitoring, it’s pretty easy to assess those needs.
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