FoodTweet #9, Premium Food Positioning: The Anti-Crisis Remedy?


How to prospectively track the top news of the last fortnight on Twitter while sipping a coffee? Get our social perspective on the events, launches, acquisitions, marketing x social commerce trends and splits that drive and shape the snack business… And because nothing escapes Twitter, which remains #1 information lever on the web, do your food surveillance in 2 minutes before everyone else through a 12th section of relevant information specially selected for you! #InSnackingWeTrust! If you want this information to reach you immediately, follow France Snacking on Twitter and good news will come to you as soon as it is published if you turn on notifications (left button to follow/follow)! France The snack is social! #1 | Mickaël Nogal, CEO of ANIA, a key witness at the 12th Snacking Congress on June 7th in Paris #CDSnackingOfficiel: @MickaelNogal CEO of @ANIA_FRANCE, a key witness at the 12th Snacking Congress on June 7th in Paris ?? food transition, nutrition, health, #snacking, food industry, blockchain, #Ukraine? ??? #teamchocolatine — #SNACKING ??? (@francesnacking) May 11, 2022 #REMIX, restoration is revolutionizing and breaking yesterday’s barriers around more hybrid models than ever before. Mixing informal sit-down or quick catering, takeaway or remote delivery, independents and chains play the multi-channel card to the fullest to convince a guest as volatile as he is demanding. In an agitated context and with a general increase in prices and in particular of raw materials, Mickaël Nogal, director general of the National Association of Food Industries, will come to take stock with us of the situation and prospects of the entire sector … Only 400 places available. #2 | Diversity, migrations, an opportunity for restoration! “Diversity, an essential asset for #CHR” @ElisabethLavill:??a recognized driver of innovation??a valuable lever for performance and efficiency??a valuable input for internal culture and exemplification of the company?? /HLeUVR644x via @Restoration21 — #SNACKING??? (@francesnacking) May 11, 2022 Rhone: Two Ukrainian refugees hired in Lyon restaurant kitchens via @BFMTV — #SNACKING ??? (@francesnacking) May 10, 2022 In her column for our colleague Restauration 21, Elisabeth Laville, founder of Utopies and administrator of B LAB France, talks about how diversity is an essential asset for the given sector the current context. Faced with an unprecedented recruitment and retention crisis, with between 150,000 and 180,000 places to fill, and with Europe experiencing an influx of refugees linked to the conflict in Ukraine, it might be tempting to reduce the integration of migrants to their historic role in France. : cover the labor needs of companies and sectors abandoned by the French due to the hard working hours and limited wages. #3 | Young & Hungry: Millennials’ relationship with food brands is 80% dominated by issues of transparency of products and their production methods Young & Hungry: #millennials’ relationship with food brands is 80% dominated for issues of transparency of products and their production methods and support in the kitchen. @Unify and @Marmiton_org via @Emarketing_fr — #SNACKING ??? (@francesnacking) May 11, 2022 How did food become a trend for Gen Z? In the Young & Hungry study, Unify and Marmiton reveal the paradoxes of millennials’ food rituals: the sources of inspiration in the kitchen, their favorite dishes, the criteria for choosing their food brands and their expectations of consumers industry brands. Deciphered where we learn that time is a decisive factor in their mode of consumption, since 57% of those under 30 say that they often skip one of their three daily meals. An even more marked factor among 18-24 year olds who declare this at 60%! #4 | #Inflation: The importance for brands of empathy and understanding of their consumers positioning themselves “Premium” #Inflation: The importance for brands of empathy and understanding of their consumers positioning themselves “Premium”. (@francesnacking) May 11, 2022 Kantar BrandZ study analysis and Kantar World Panel brand tracking since the 1970s show that brands can continue to grow in times of inflation. How? In the current context, they cannot rely on promotions alone to get ahead. Engaging in a price war further weakens margins, lowers the acceptable price for a category, and immediately destroys value. Jamie Peate of McCann Worldwide says: “Keep investing in your brand. A brand with a clear and relevant role, and one that relies on a platform that resonates emotionally, will have a much better chance of protecting its price. “A response to concerns of restaurateurs currently facing rising raw materials? #5 | Mother’s Day: In the US, KFC launches a bouquet of flowers with tenders of crispy chicken Mother’s Day: In the US, #KFC launches a bouquet of flowers with tenders Crispy Chicken: The “Kentucky Fried Buckquet” created in collaboration with Proflowers, an American flower delivery network via @Creapills — #SNACKING ??? (@francesnacking) May 10, 2022 The bouquet called “Kentucky Fried Buckquet” was created in collaboration with Proflowers, an American online flower delivery company.It consists of a dozen roses, a glass vase with a KFC label, a card and envelope etot 8 chicken skewers. An original and gourmet set that will certainly not go unnoticed! #6 | The pandemic and confinement have led us to a “last minute society”. “Why are we so lazy about everything? According to Vincent Cocquebert, author of La Civilization du cocoon, the pandemic and confinement have made us fall into a “last minute society. » — ADN? (@LADN_EU) May 7 2022 According to Vincent Cocquebert, author of La Civilization du cocoon (Arkhê), the pandemic and confinement would have made us change to a new paradigm, that of “the last minute”. Interview that dissects our paradoxes and tensions. “Procrastination it is becoming a mass syndrome that e-commerce will take advantage of. “continue… This could also explain the fluctuations in attendance at our living sites, right? #7 | “Eating better at the cinema” presents its list of prizes very aperitif “Eating better at the cinema” presents its winners The association that wants to rethink the gastronomic offer in the dark rooms has awarded the winners of its culinary competition. co/ ey8ZMl1tFR — Le CNC (@LeCNC) May 5, 2022 To revolutionize the too-often fatty and sweet cinema food offering: that’s the aim of the competition launched in November 2021 for the “Eating better at the cinema” association. The jury chaired by chef Chloé Charles, a former member of Top Chef, awarded the recipes of six candidates out of a hundred participants. Savory Prize: Seaweed Cider Vinegar Popcorn by Breizh – Sweet Prize: Elsy’s Chocolate Covered Puffballs – Drink Prize: Blackcurrant Detox Ice Cream and Blackcurrant Juice by Bienfaits… #8 | Product Content: An Omnichannel Growth and Trust Engine. Good product information meets customer needs and projects them into the brand universe. Distributed across all touchpoints in a contextualized way, it meets the challenges of a demanding consumer and decidedly #omnichannel?? — #SNACKING??? (@francesnacking) May 8, 2022 The consumer wants to know more! Between the growth of online commerce where the buyer navigates independently and the desire of a growing part of the population to consume responsibly, the expectation of product information – or product content – has become big The customer expects at least to know the characteristics of the product he is interested in to check that it corresponds to his needs and buy it with confidence. He will appreciate being surprised or excited by an explanation of its functions, its manufacturing method, its history… Brands are well aware of the importance of this information to highlight, attract and then convert a customer who, in find your account, you will not hesitate to turn to a competitor with the best offer. Good product information also avoids disappointment and expensive product returns. Sometimes it allows the brand to justify a high price positioning. #9 | Reduce quantities to maintain prices: redufflation Reduce quantities to maintain prices: discover the brands that practice redufflation to fight against rising raw materials?@Emarketing_fr? — #SNACKING??? (@francesnacking) May 1, 2022 Redufflation is the process of reducing quantities of a product to maintain the same price. A good trick to deal with the increase in raw materials that is not without its problems. Examples that are legion in our industry: less Coca-Cola in your bottle, Kellogg’s reduces its portions, Tropicana drops the one liter bar with 850 ml bottles… while keeping the same price. What is the consumer perception? #10 | Pixy: Snap’s mini-drone is made for Snapchat fans #Pixy: Snap’s mini-drone is made for @Snapchat fans. 7 x 106 x 17.6 mm) with the firm intention of accompanying the user everywhere via @JournalDuGeek https://t. co/XOl91ZYNaJ — #SNACKING ??? (@francesnacking) May 1, 2022 The company with the little ghost is interested in the drone. Their latest idea is called Pixy and weighs little in the hand at 101g, battery included. Its very small format also allows it to be held in the hand (131.7 x 106 x 17.6 mm) with the firm intention of accompanying the user everywhere. At the end of the flight, the drone automatically returns to the palm of its owner’s hand. You’ll have had time to capture photos and videos that will be wirelessly transferred to Memories on Snapchat. It will then be possible to apply effects, lenses or sounds before sharing them on Snapchat or another platform… It’s not yet available in France… but it shouldn’t take long to revolutionize social media and navigate the takeoff of video! Bonuses | At the table! Do you bring the mustard? And how will we do it for the fries??? And the ketchup? And mayonnaise? and the Samurai sauce…?—#SNACKING??? (@francesnacking) May 12, 2022 So what did you learn that’s worth sharing or commenting on? We hope you enjoyed this bi-weekly meeting and found it interesting to navigate. Thank you very much for your loyalty! So, like more than 6,000 tweeters, follow France Snacking on Twitter! Happy reading and see you soon! Pascal Perriot, @Umameet. To never miss any snacking news, follow us on Twitter @francesnacking And don’t forget to share this article, if you found it helpful, with your community!

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