Nantes: What are the 9 catering kiosks of the Magmaa dining room?

Image du projet du Food Hall à Nantes.

By Laure Gentil Posted on June 1, 22 at 12:04 a.m. Actu Nantes See my news Follow this medium The Magmaa restaurant, the second in the Nantes conurbation, will offer a wide range of restaurants. (©Perspectives ⓒ TU / LUCAS AUTON) Led by the Chessé group, the Magmaa food hall will open next June 30 in the former Alstom halls on the island of Nantes. The place will offer 480 places with ground floor, mezzanine, covered terrace and above all a wide range of restaurants! Discover with Actu Nantes the 9 catering kiosks offered by Magmaa.1. Fornelli – Pizza alla romana Headed by Thibaut Closson, Fornelli offers Italian-style pizzas by the slice. The pizzeria previously worked as an art curator at Sotheby’s, a famous auction house. Thibaut Closson will bring Fornelli. (©Magmaa)2. Moaa: Korean Soul Food For Magmaa, Yeongun and Thibault Gentric create dishes from the repertoire of traditional Korean cuisine under the Moaa banner.3. French Touch – Neobistrot Magmaa will have its own bistro and the duo Guillaume Macotta and Maxime Fillaut will be in the kitchen. After a rich career with starred houses such as La Mare aux Oiseaux by chef Eric Guérin, where they met, the companions join their talents around the La Maccotte restaurant, conquered by the concept of Food Hall, they offer the French Touch neobistro. They are the duo Guillaume Macotta and Maxime Fillaut from the kitchens of chef Eric Guérin who are in the Magmaa kitchen. (©Magmaa)4. Ouch! – South American fusion Brazilian and daughter of restaurateurs, Natalia Guyot created Azaï Healthy Bowls in Nantes, a healthy cuisine inspired by her country. It is expanding its palette in Magmaa and invites the inhabitants of Nantes to discover with Eita! fusion cuisine from around South America Videos: currently on Actu5 . Zäatar – Mediterranean street food Trained in nutrition therapy, Joanna Page is a fan of street food and has the particularity of juggling Mediterranean spices. It wants to show that healthy food and street food are compatible. It is revealed as Zäatar, his favorite spice. Passionate about street food and trained in nutrition therapy, Johanna Page will offer a range of very gourmet organic and healthy dishes and snacks (© Magmaa)6. Patty – The Best Burger Iggy Tetaert conquered London’s street food markets, such as Bricklane, Southbank, Maltby Market, before opening a French bistro there. Its distinctive offering: the duck confit burger. There will therefore be 4 versions of the “finest burgers”, which will be offered at Magmaa: duck, lamb, beef or vegetarian. 7. Padsha – Afghan cuisine (ephemeral kiosk) Benafsha Sadat offers Afghan cuisine, at the crossroads of Asia and the Middle East… She is supported by her husband Masood, formerly a NATO interpreter for the British and French armies based in Afghanistan families, are committed to helping people discover the dishes of their country with the true flavors of their childhood 6 languages. View content on Instagram8. Töste – Nomadic cuisine (ephemeral kiosk) Revealed during the last season of Top Chef, a prestigious culinary competition on the M6, Lucie Berthier Gembara, was followed with great enthusiasm by the people of Nantes, as evidenced by the high number of reservations at its Sepia restaurant. The Magmaa team remedied this frustration by inviting Lucie to join the food hall as a “Chef in Residence” for 6 months. He will also lead cooking workshops during the summer. Lucie Berthier Gembara is a former contestant on the last season of Top Chef. (©M6)9. Fleur de sucre – Gourmet moments (ephemeral kiosk) Upside-down ice creams, waffles with regressive topping, revised pancakes, cabbage bar in multiple variations… Gourmet moments will be orchestrated by Jean-Charles and Isabelle Baron for their new adventure: the sweet food in the style of Nantes. Traditional but revisited, pastry chef Michaël Berckmans’ menu will vary according to the seasons. Was this article helpful to you? Note that you can follow Actu Nantes in the My Actu space. In one click, after you’ve registered, you’ll find all the news from your favorite cities and brands.
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