5 reasons to go to the Lyon Street Food Festival this weekend


Because Lyon is the capital of gastronomy, but above all because food is life, in 5 editions, the Lyon event dedicated to street food has become the unavoidable meeting place for hedonists… Okay, but she has what this 6th Lyon Street Food Festival has. ? Since the press conference gave us a taste of what this 6th edition has in store, we give you 5 good reasons to go to the Lyon Street Food Festival… 1/ Because it’s June This year, the event is taking place for the first time schedule from June 23 to 26. This period so propitious to let go, before putting away the backpacks and the first holiday trips, we already dream of escaping… Precisely, as far as escape is concerned, we will spoil ourselves. When you go to the LSFF, you give yourself a one-way ticket to the Basque Country! Chefs Fabian Feldmann, Vivien Durand, Xabi Ibarboure, Taloka, Floriant Remont can surprise you by revisiting taloa, axoa or other Basque specialties! The event also takes us to Portugal with twenty chefs who will cook octopus, garrots and traditional dishes in their own way. But what would the LSFF, directly inspired by the street stalls of Bangkok, be without the Asia Street Market? No less than 10 chefs from Hong Kong, Cambodia and as far as South Korea and Vietnam promise to delight us… A guaranteed change of scenery before you pack your bags to hit the waves of Biarritz Beach for real ! 2/ Because it’s interactive You don’t have to have won Top Chef to come to the festival. Driven by the will to be open, this year the organizers are offering us no less than 300 participatory and cultural workshops in 15 spaces spread throughout the site. Throughout the weekend, cooking, mixology, artisan confectionery, dance classes and other curiosities will be presented and will allow festival-goers to sign up for a whole battery of workshops of between 30 and 45 minutes, with free and open access, just to put hands on the dough (so yes, that was easy!) 3/ Because it’s a time to share The novelty of this edition is the Street food Stories space, dedicated to meetings with chefs. A dozen of them in total will be interviewed for a quarter of an hour by Jordan Moilim, journalist of the program Very Very Good. Without jargon, everyone will be invited to enjoy his journey, his daily life as a chef, his cooking habits, his guilty pleasures and other little quirks. Thierry Marx, Wilfried, Sébastien Bouillet or Beatriz Gonzalez, among others, will lend themselves to the game and reveal to us (perhaps?) recipes and introduce us to the profession and the different possible careers in this sector… A great moment of confidences that could, who knows, give birth to vocations! 4/ Because it will be a party! Once satiated, place to dance and music! 80 live performances will mark the festival. On the program and to name a few: expected on the 6 stages of the Fagor Factory Kid Francescoli, French 79, the LGMX electro brass band, Kunta, Throes + The Shine, Tahiti 80, the saxophonist Human Pattern, Serpent. A total of 15 concerts, 50 DJ sets and live music will mark these 4 days. There will also be a show including a Pockemon Crew Breakdance Battle, a Longboard Groove Session, a Hip-Hop Show, Live Painting with Nicolas Perrot, Yosakoi Dance, Tiger Dance Demonstrations, Kung Fu, Kpop, Folk Dances and Traditional Music portuguese .. In short, LSFF invites culture in all its forms to make you travel better! 5/ Because it is THE place to be Portugal, the Basque Country and Asia, with its 3 destinations, its 120 chefs including Thierry Marx on Thursday evenings and Maxime Laurenson on Sundays, the presence of the Gourmet Cooking School of the Paul Bocuse Institute which offers the opportunity to attend free cooking classes. It’s time to try a cooking technique, to make a pastry pioneered by the great names of the discipline, such as Caroline Beugnot, Cyril Bosviel, Gaëtan Costecalde, François Daubinet, Victor Diego Garcia, Beatriz Gonzalez, Denny Imbroisi, Charles Liets. , Édouard Loubet, Sébastien Mathieu, Flora Mikula, Bernard Mure-Ravaud, Nicolas Paciello, Yuxin Sun, Christian Têtedoie, Yannick Tranchant! And we’re not talking about the wine district, the Street Academy, the Oktober Fest, the ecolab, the Sugar Circus, or even the Kids Corner… In short, we’re dying to tell you: The Lyon Street Food Festival, this is the unmissable event this June! Lyon Street Food Festival: 🏠 Fàbriques Fagor-Brandt, 65 Rue Challemel-Lacour Lyon 7th 🚇 Metro Debourg📅 From Thursday 23 to Sunday 26 June (23 and 24: 18:00 to 12:00, 25: 17:00 to 12 :00: 12:00) 16:00 to 22:30)💰 from €6 to €10🧒 from 3 years old👉 More information
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