Place to Eat, the new generation restaurant area leaves its mark in Melun


Opened last May, on the outskirts of Melun, in Seine et Marne, the new Place To Eat restaurant area is home to 6 street food brands, including the new Gürme, focused on premium kebabs. Also on the menu are franchises or branches New School Tacos, Pokithaya, Daily Chicken, Smash Smash, Indian Factory. Launched by the two partners Romain Scuotto and Ramzi Laib, the concept, like shared kitchens, which will eventually have fifteen associated brands in its portfolio, has 7 openings in the 12-18 months, including 5 franchises. Located in the suburbs of Melun, this new temple of street food has occupied more than 700 m². The venue, inaugurated on April 25, aims to be a place of change of scenery and experience for everyone, from young people to families, including office customers, present in the business area of ​​Vert- Saint Denis. Already, on the facade, the “Place to Eat” poster, which will soon be flanked by the 6 logos of the associated brands, sets the tone! And for once, when you enter this vast space with its elegant and unique decoration, street art style, it really is the wow effect! A large space of 730 m² that revolves around a magnificent guest table, with variable geometry topped off with a colored false ceiling (you could almost guess Mickey’s ears there) and on its periphery, 6 themed stalls. To the right, upon entering, a line of 6 interactive ordering terminals (Splash360), one per concept, indicates that the customer journey is, as with the burger giants, mostly digital. But not only because you can also order from one of the 6 themed kiosks distributed online, in the 300-seat hall. Common point between each cell of approximately 45 m²: they are of identical size, with own production area, “leased” by selected catering brands (positioned in halal street food), and represented by a franchisee or a branch . Each island, equipped and decorated by each of the brands, creates its own story while merging with the codes of the site (location of logos, customer control screen to know the progress of the order, etc.). “We have selected brands with high potential that, like us, focus on quality to offer visitors not only diversity but a real experience,” Romain Scuotto, co-founder. A selective approach “We wanted, for each of the themes represented, to select brands that focus on quality, innovation and originality, signatures of Place To Eat”, explains Fodil Korichi, director of operations. This expert in catering and retail, who wore the colors of the Le Duff group in Africa and the Middle East before continuing in catering and distribution, firmly believes in these plural living spaces capable of satisfying all profiles of customers, through a careful selection of brands that will adapt to the target catchment areas. In this pilot establishment, the themes of French Tacos, Thai, Poké, Smash Burger, Braised Chicken, Indian and Kebab have been chosen through the brands New School Tacos, Pokithaya, Smash Smash, Daily Chicken, Indian Factory and Gürme. “With the exception of the brand new Gürme brand, positioned on the premium kebab with homemade bread and skewers assembled every day, which trusted us to open its first address, all the others are already well established and found in this restaurant area, a new means of expression”, adds Fodil. For Sarah Yadallee, the franchisee of Smash Smash (Pitaya group), the adventure is interesting and the beginnings very promising, as for Bilel Jaouadi, franchisee of New School Tacos who in a week opens his 3rd restaurant in Echirolles: ” It is an unprecedented adventure for our brand to set up in a restaurant area with a new marketing and communication system.Our goals are still ambitious and at least we aim to turnover more than 600,000 euros in year 1″. It should be said that after almost two months of opening, Place To Eat is already at 70% of its peak attendance goals, the best services, more than 1,000 daily tickets, for a TM of €13 . Still a strong potential As for any pilot, the concept is called to mature, continues Fodil. In the customer’s journey as in the terminals. In the same way, the children’s/youth’s “Games” area, now equipped with a table of awakening and 4 interactive game terminals, must host tob ogans and other fun and entertainment activities for the little ones. The novelties that will also come in the next Place to Eat called to open in the coming months in surfaces of 700 to 1,000 m², will have as a basis, whatever the brands chosen (up to 8), a “sweet” house concept multi-product and with hot drinks. “Although each brand has developed its dessert offering quite well, we will install our own brand to reinforce the notion of destination, at all times of the day outside of the main meal times,” adds the director of the site. Place To Eat, which has yet to be mass communicated, still has some underfoot. Especially since there is still a lot to be done around delivery since each of the brands that also operate, in the style of a dark kitchen, already welcome, at the back, through a sash window or a door, delivery people for avoid the crossing of flows. even in the restaurant. Place to Eat, which has been very well received since opening, is pleased with the excellent feedback and a very varied customer mix. Which corresponds, for its founders, to a real guarantee of future success, throughout France, in all the big cities. With almost one million euros in initial investment for future franchisees (for an expected turnover of 3 to 3.5 M€ for the pilot in year 1), this new restaurant patio model that is aimed at the suburbs, shopping centers and urban centers, already has 7 projects in its portfolio, including 5 franchises in Ile-de-France, the North, Hérault and Brittany. Photo PF/Snacking To never miss any snacking news, follow us on Twitter @francesnacking And don’t forget to share this article, if you found it helpful, with your community!
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