TO PICTURES, TO PICTURES. Nantes: Magmaa food hall opens this Thursday, discover the place in advance

Magmaa ouvre ses cuisines au public ce jeudi 30 juin 2022. Neuf kiosques culinaires vont vous faire voyager entre l

By Farah Sadallah Posted on June 29, 22 at 6:33 p.m. Actu Nantes See my news Follow this medium Magmaa opens its kitchens to the public this Thursday, June 30, 2022. Nine culinary kiosks will take you on a journey between Asia and America Latin, for the Middle East. (©Farah Sadallah / Actu Nantes) Restaurant and canteen employees are at war, this Wednesday, June 29, 2022 at 11 a.m. But will they be ready for D-Day? The chairs are still on the tables, the boxes are not all unpacked, the kitchens are on their way. In this former Alstom hall, transformed into a huge 1,000 m2 greenhouse, the Magmaa food hall is slowly coming to life on the island of Nantes. Nine catering stands Their inauguration is planned, however, for this Thursday, June 30 at 6 p.m. Not to mention that this evening a “test with friends” takes place at the same time to test the place and its kitchens, before the big jump tomorrow. Inside this century-old industrial metal structure, nine food stalls, a bar, cooking classes by the chef of the Sépia restaurant, Lucie Berthier Gembara – candidate for Top Chef – wellness workshops, and making mud, a play area. for children, barbecues, concerts and DJ-sets. A weekly market on the terrace is also being studied. “The goal is for this square to become public, a bit like a town square,” says Elyssa Sfar, associate director of Grup Chessé, leader of the Magmaa project. Magmaa will have its new French Touch bistro, and it is the duo Guillaume Macotta and Maxime Fillaut who are in the kitchen, after a rich career with prominent establishments such as La Mare aux Oiseaux. (©Farah Sadallah / Actu Nantes) Not enough vegetation The only drawback of this industrial facility is the lack of greenery and the heat. In previous digital photos showing the future food hall, plants were abundant in this new space. The day before the opening, they are completely absent. We had proposed a very vegetated concept and we had worked with a company (…) but the further we advanced in the project, the more complicated the viability of the plants in the greenhouse would have been. (…) Covid has also been there. Now we need more places. It was necessary to recover the space that had to be removed from the plants.Pascal ChesséHead of the Chessé GroupA priceless projectIn fact, it could be too hot in the greenhouse. But the opening management system based on temperature detectors should make it possible to cool the premises, according to Vincent Wattier of the DLW architectural firm. Even if it’s below 40 degrees, it can be tricky, he admits. The professional also adds that the restructuring of the premises was difficult: “It was difficult to solve all the problems encountered. “Videos: currently in ActuSobretot because the project apparently has no price, since the person in charge of the project refused to communicate it during the press conference given this Wednesday, June 29. Magmaa is also an architecture that makes you travel Conceived as a mineral refuge where you would come to eat and spend a good time, Magmaa wants to give this illusion, in response to the architecture of the Île de Nantes and the Loire. Inside this structure that functions as an agricultural greenhouse, which turns into a night lantern, the collective of architects and builders “You” designed and produced the interior universe of Magmaa. “It’s the stop of the GR, the breaking of the yellow line, the warm stage”, imagines the collective. They covered the bar in the center of the dining room, which also opens onto the terrace, with copper, to remind us of a high mountain refuge. Hanging from the ceiling, they created four evolving light paintings that could make you think of the aurora borealis at night. Magmaa, a springboard for restaurateurs? Beyond being an architectural project and a place to eat, the Magmaa is also a restaurant nursery. Three brands have temporarily set up shop there for between three and six months, to test their new recipes or launch their new catering project. The candidate for the thirteenth season of Top Chef is one of them. In his kiosk called Töste (nomadic kitchen), he will revisit “street food”. In residence for six months, she will test her new concept, for her it was also a way to join a collective of restaurateurs. It’s a different human experience.Jean-Marc DantardDirector of Operations at MagmaaAfghan cuisine and upside-down ice creamOther restaurateurs in incubation: the Padsha concept. The chef, Benafsha Sadat, offers Afghan cuisine, at the crossroads of Asia and the Middle East. With her husband Masood, a former NATO interpreter for the British and French armies based in Afghanistan, they want to try her cooking. “They’ll be able to see if their project works, if it’s viable,” continues the food hall operations manager. Finally, Fleur de Sucre, orchestrated by Jean-Charles and Isabelle Baron, which is also an ephemeral kiosk. They will revisit the menu of the famous pastry chef Michaël Berckmans, based on upside-down ice creams, waffles with regressive toppings, revisited pancakes or even cabbage rolls. Two control systems using beeper and sms Waiting for the opening, Jean-Marc Dantard, expects “up to 500 people in total”. Knowing that the dining room can accommodate up to 700 people, including 354 seats and 150 on the terrace, the rest of the customers will therefore be standing. As for the employees, there will be around 80 people working in the kitchens and in the great room, overlooking a mezzanine. For orders, there will be a payment system at the counter after which a beeper will be given to the customer. It will notify you once the meal is ready, there will be a QR code on each table. The visitor can scan it and place an order on the Magmaa site. You will then receive an SMS alerting you when your dish or dishes are ready. You can pick them up at the different counters where you ordered. The dining room is still in full preparation and the opening is tomorrow, Thursday, June 30. (©Farah Sadallah / Actu Nantes)To discover all these sweet or savory dishes inspired by all the cuisines of the world, meet tomorrow at 6 pm at Magmaa for a fusion culinary experience. Practical information: Magmaa, 15 Rue La Noue Bras de Fer, 44200 Nantes. Open Tuesday and Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. Thursday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to midnight, Sundays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. For food, it is between noon and 2:30 p.m. and in the evening between 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. Was this article helpful to you? Note that you can follow Actu Nantes in the My Actu space. In one click, after you’ve registered, you’ll find all the news from your favorite cities and brands.
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