Fitness Snack, the technique for those who don’t have time to do sports


Ready-made excuses such as “I don’t have time to read” or “I don’t have time to run” are often rejected by those in the know. However, sometimes you don’t have time to do the things you want to do. Also, it makes perfect sense that you decide to spend what little free time you have on regressive hobbies like watching Netflix or lying in front of the TV. Everyone needs it too. Video of the day: The Fitness Snack For those who are constantly chasing the clock and who have not yet found the reasonable balance to combine sport with social and professional obligations, there is the “fitness snack” or the “exercise snack “. As the name suggests, it is about consuming physical exercise as you would consume a snack, that is to say occasionally and in small amounts. This does not mean an absence of long-term results. It is an expert in sports medicine from Harvard, Cindy Lin, who explains to CNBC this technique under the original name. Although tradition dictates that you treat yourself to a real long sports session of at least forty minutes to burn calories and work on your cardio, the Fitness Snack goes against the grain by offering a series of several minutes at different times of the day. The technique certainly won’t make you work on your endurance, but it will allow those who really can’t start to get the 30 to 40 minutes of daily exercise recommended to maintain good physical and mental health. Also ideal for combating sedentary behavior when working a lot behind a screen. How it works ? Specifically, expert Cindy Lin explains that a Fitness Snack is equivalent to a thirty-minute workout, but divided into short sessions of five or ten minutes throughout the day. This means, for example, doing five minutes in the morning, five minutes during your lunch break, five minutes during your lunch break, another at four, another in the evening and why not a relaxation and flexibility exercise before to go to bed? Distributed in this way, sport no longer becomes a task but a way of moving around in everyday life. Especially since the exercises don’t have to be intense, a brisk walk can act as a fitness snack. The other advantage? It allows you to regain energy throughout the day by moving, instead of falling asleep in the office chair. Proven results, but not a miracle technique If this type of exercise seems too good to be true, know that a study from the University of Bath has proven its effectiveness. After four weeks of Fitness Snack, participants saw the number of sit-to-stand repetitions they could perform in 60 seconds increase by 30%, leg strength and power increase by 5% and 6%. As for the size of the thigh muscles, it had increased by 2%. Ideally, you should vary your exercises by doing some flexibility, some strength and some cardio throughout the day. However, there is no miracle. Fitness Snacking does not allow any type of exercise, as the trainer (still a supporter of the snack), Pennie Varvarides, explains to Stylist. “Don’t swap all your workouts for fitness snacks because you’ll never have enough time for strength training, which is important,” she explains. “But if there’s a day in the week or a period when you can’t move as much as you want, this is a great option. But snacking isn’t a substitute for most activity, it’s just a way to move a a little more when I don’t have time or desire.” 4 Ways to Get Started Pennie Varvarides offers some easy exercise suggestions that you can do in five to ten minutes on weekends, when you’re working from home, or when you have a secluded space in the office or a nearby park. To work on mobility: Take five minutes to work the major joints in your body, such as your shoulders, hips and ankles. For strength: Five sets of push-ups to failure, with one minute rest between each set For some cardio: Do ​​ten push-ups, ten lunges and ten burpees as many times as possible in ten minutes. To develop your skills: Practice for five minutes an exercise such as L-squats, the Turkish Get-Up (equipped with a kettlebell) or the crow pose which is an active yoga pose. Don’t miss more lifestyle news at and subscribe now to our themed newsletters by clicking here.
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