The paddle-gym: the new fitness practice

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Gym paddle, yoga paddle or stand up paddle is a sport that consists of standing on a standing board. And to be able to practice it correctly, the board must be longer than that of normal surfing. The exercise consists of pushing yourself with this table, also called a paddle. It is a very complete physical activity that works the whole body. Gymnastics in a new way is, in a way, the adage of the padel, however, it is good to specify which padel to choose and the particularities of each one. What does the padel consist of? Keep your balance, here’s what you need to prepare before going to the paddle gym. On a very large table that can reach 4m, balance is essential to exercise the whole body. The health benefits of this practice are enormous. The paddle gym strengthens the muscles and works the heart rate. Practiced over a longer period and depending on the goals, the benefits on the body can be much greater The paddle gym is a practice that lasts about an hour. The time is calculated according to the following exercises: Warming up well before starting: It takes about 15 minutes and is always practiced on the board with leg kicks. It is also recommended during the warm-up to exercise the upper part of the body by lying on the paddle with circular movements of the arms. Get on the table well: It is essential to maintain a certain balance. Which is difficult on the first try. That is why a good warm-up before starting is essential Diversify the exercises: It is important to diversify the exercises such as push-ups, squats and find a certain balance in them by maintaining varied rhythms is the reason why the shovels gym is divided into several categories: Padel yoga: For yoga fans, this sport creates a real sense of well-being. From the plank, various postures can be achieved as with classic yoga. Its particularity is that it is suitable for all age ranges and physical conditions Aqua paddle: It is a new way of practicing physical fitness and in a new environment. It can also be called paddle fitness. The pool is still the best place for a paddle board. And the particularity of this exercise is that it allows you to work the whole body. Padel practices remain diverse according to the needs of the individual. Maintaining the balance of the padel is still important. Who can practice it? The practice of the padel gym is not very restrictive. Whatever the person’s physical condition and age, the key is knowing how to stand on the table while maintaining balance. It is a very playful sport that is practiced without pressure, on the contrary, it has the effect of releasing the stress that is felt during the working days. On the other hand, it is recommended that women during pregnancy resort to Padel yoga , more focused on joint exercises and relaxation, even so, it is essential to practice Padel gym in the company of a professional to have the right support and orientate yourself to the perfect postures according to the month of pregnancy. the bodyThe padel gym is full of many benefits both physical and mental. Physically, it is an exercise that puts a lot of stress on the abs and therefore makes them work properly. It also allows the muscle strengthening of the arms and thighs. In addition to being a physical activity, its fun aspect has a positive influence on mental health. In addition, 2 sessions of 45 minutes of padel a week are recommended, which would be equivalent to 4 sessions in the outdoor weight room. Disadvantages of the padel gym: Are there any that really? Like any sporting activity, it is important to consider best practices to avoid serious consequences. Above all, a good physical condition is recommended to avoid ending up with a muscle tear or tear. In addition, knowing how to swim is essential! Since the activity takes place in the water, falls during the first sessions are very frequent. So, if you suffer from aquaphobia, the paddle gym is not for you! * Presse Santé strives to transmit health knowledge in a language accessible to everyone. In no case can the information provided replace the advice of a health professional. Do you like our content? Receive our latest posts every day for free and directly to your inbox Tagsaqua paddle balance paddle paddle pregnant paddle fitness paddle gymnastics paddle yoga paddle gym which paddle to choose
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