Strasbourg We tried: Flow Food Family and its street art (food) vibe.


When you wear that name, you better be stylish. For once, the establishment is not missing. Flow Food Family, born from the partnership of the creator of Vert Ici and Café Potager Maxime Weckel and chef Xavier Jarry, who previously owned a restaurant in Schilik, has been established since the end of June in the Place du Temple Neuf of Strasbourg. The decoration transports us to a hip-hop and street-art atmosphere of the 90s, with ultra-colorful graffiti made by Jaek El Diablo on the walls. The place, which is quite deep, can easily accommodate about forty people in the place. At triple F, the order is made at the counter – in the center – either to taste on the spot or to take away. The choice is made by scanning the window where everything is arranged – it should be noted that it is written that the dishes are homemade, with fresh and seasonal products. So there is no table service – you pay before you get your tray back. On the program that day, mixed bowls (between €9.50 and €11.50), small plates such as roasted vegetables with fresh cheese (€11.50), beef meatballs with tagliatelle and tomato sauce (11.50 €), chicken tagine (€12.50). ) or even chicken or beef sandwiches (from €8.50 to €9.50). Small pots of rillettes too, or hummus as a starter or snack (between €4.50 and €5.50). As for the desserts, there is also plenty to choose from. A jar of chocolate mousse in particular or a fruit salad (€4), to name a few. Since it is possible to come there at any time of the day, especially for breakfast or a snack, Flow Food Family offers homemade pastries. Pieces of brioche (€2.50), babka (€3), cookies (€3 each) or even chocolate brownies (€3.50). As for drinks, in addition to the so-called classic offer, there are house drinks, such as flavored iced green tea, apple-lemon-ginger juice, sparkling lemonade (or not) or even juice of citrus fruits A full small plate My choice is the dish of roasted seasonal vegetables with chickpeas, served semi-cold, semi-hot, with fresh milk, with its spicy sauce. With this, I try the freshly squeezed apple, lemon and ginger juice and love the dollop of babka to finish on a sweet note. My friend opts for the meatballs/tagliatelle, a marinated beef sandwich with arugula, tomato, cucumber, parmesan and pesto (not that he’s starving, but at ASAPP we try as many things as possible) and an iced tea, just because wash it all down. In terms of taste, the vegetable dish is satisfactory. No more and no less. On the other hand, the little spicy sauce on the side is super intriguing – it actually spices up the dish just right. The dumplings/tagliatelle are good, but the dish should have been served warmer. As for the sandwich, special mention for the filling – on top – but the bread is a bit dry. As for the drinks, nothing to complain about the juice, refreshing and not too sweet, as I like it. The iced tea, on the other hand, ordered sweetened, was not mixed: result, a good rush of sugar at the end of the glass (at least, we had no chance of falling into hypoglycemia). And otherwise, I love my side of chocolate chip-stuffed babka, very smooth as it should be. In the end, my bill amounts to €20. My friend’s, at €23. It is clear that it is not for lunch “on the go” – despite the quality of the ingredients and the recipes – and without table service. If I’m not super excited about the lunch break, the place is great for a snack and a nice drink, working on the computer in a very nice atmosphere and groovy music. And then, in any case: at ASAPP, we always welcome the arrival of newcomers! Flow Food Family, 11 place du Temple Neuf in Strasbourg. Open Monday to Saturday from 9am to 7pm and Sunday from 9am to 5pm.
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