Fitness stepper: which exercises should you practice?


THE ESSENTIAL The fitness stepper allows you to burn between 200 and 300 calories in 30 minutes of effort. It must be differentiated from the step, which is a walk from which step movements are made. The world of fitness is wide and there are a multitude of devices to practice it. Some reproduce movements close to those we do on a daily basis, such as the fitness stepper. This machine is made up of two “prints”, which make it possible to reproduce walking. One device, several applications The fitness stepper belongs to the category of “cardio-fitness” devices. With its use we work on the cardio functions, that is to say, we apply to the cardiovascular system which will strengthen the heart. But the fitness stepper is also a bodybuilding device, which will mainly develop the muscles of the lower body: calves, quadriceps, adductors, glutes and abs in particular. Little by little, the practice of stepper fitness improves your breathing, your coordination and your endurance. A practice adapted to different audiences Simple and small models can be used at home and are sold in the main sports stores. There are different types of steppers: some are equipped with handles, which allow you to exercise the musculature of the upper body, and perform a more complete sports activity, while others are simpler, with only the two footprints for walking. Gyms offer other devices, more developed and sometimes more suitable: for example, there are fitness steppers with handlebars, more practical for the elderly or for pregnant women. How to use it? As in any physical activity, each session must be preceded by a warm-up of at least 5 minutes. The goal is to gradually increase your heart rate by performing simple movements, such as knee lifts, butt heels or a little jumping rope. The duration of the session must be adapted to each person’s abilities, it is important to gradually increase the duration and difficulty as you go: it can go from ten minutes to an hour of exercise. After use, it is also advisable to go back to calm so that the heart rate slowly drops: you must therefore keep moving but slowly, then lie down for a few minutes. What exercises should I do? The fitness stepper is quite easy to use: just walk to start the session. Little by little, the idea is to increase the difficulty, either by doing more steps in less time, or by taking more time. Some devices also display endurance data, and this also allows you to intensify your sessions. Whatever the level of difficulty, it’s important not to look at your feet, and keep your back straight, to avoid injury. In case of joint pain, it is best to consult a health professional before starting.
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