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The game Let’s Get Fit, published by Ravenscourt and developed by Voxler, was tested on Switch. Posted on July 3, 2022 at 6:22 p.m. Last modified on July 6, 2022 at 11:13 p.m. The estimated time to read this test is 7 min. 0 commentsAvailable for purchase at: Let’s Get Fit It’s been two months since we played Let’s Get Fit, the latest fitness game on Nintendo Switch. The title alone already announces the identity of the game, a physical training game to do at home. That’s right, the holidays are here and it’s time to take care of your summer body to be the “playboy of the beach” (it’s an in-game program!) Check out the trial of Let’s Get Fit, an exergaming title from this type jointly developed by Marseille studio Exkee and Parisian studio Voxler (the studio behind the Let’s Sing series), distributed by Ravenscourt and available from May 13, 2022, exclusively on Nintendo Switch. Beach Playboy As the name suggests, they offer us a fitness game with different activities to try to keep the player’s attention. The market, however, presents varieties of titles for consumers, even on the Nintendo Switch side. We already have Knock Home Fitness or Fitness Boxing. So what makes Let’s Get Fit stand out? Get Fit Get Fit Instead of having a story type or a career mode, the game is positioned directly as a weight loss and fitness game. Once in hand, however, we realize that the game leans more towards a serious exercise program than a fun friendly title like Ring Fit Adventure. Games of this genre have, however, one major flaw: a lifetime. Can they hold the player’s interest long enough? Is the content diverse enough? We’ll see in the gameplay. We’ll get in shape. We will get in shape. Fit gaming system. How to play it? Let’s Get Fit comes to the market in two versions. The first is the physical package at €39.99 with the straps to hold the controllers, and the second, dematerialized without the straps at €29.99. To enjoy your sessions to the maximum, we recommend purchasing straps. Let’s Get Fit These will be placed on the player’s right forearm and left thigh to track movement. This will save you from only handling half the joy while doing your exercises approximately. The physical package costs €10 more, but the investment is worth it. The Wrist Strap The Thigh Strap Once equipped, the game will detect your movements. Well executed gestures will earn you more points. This will allow you to compare yourself with other players around the world. This type of challenge will appeal to people who like challenges. Too bad these points don’t allow you to unlock additional exercises. Let’s Get Fit offers a global ranking At the beginning of the game, you have to create a profile. Let’s Get Fit then asks you to enter your weight and height to suggest suitable exercises. You can always change the difficulty of the exercises. Three Ways to Try with Four Trainers Let’s Get Fit offers three ways to play. We have free play, daily exercise and challenge. The first option will obviously allow you to customize your sessions to your liking. The second will be a program according to your level. The title offers a level of difficulty ranging from 1 to 5 to define the intensity of the exercises. Finally, the challenge mode will consist of doing a weekly challenge, such as ironing for three minutes. Short and intense session Although the opus offers four different trainers, each with their own area of ​​expertise, the playback of each movement remains identical. During sessions, an icon appears in the lower left corner of the screen to show the movements of the exercises to be played. Let’s get in shape Without the coaching guide, sometimes it’s impossible to know what we should do. So spend some time deciphering the current exercise to understand it. Ben-J’s Opinion Launching an exercise program is as quick as launching a YouTube video. The exercises range from the most basic to the most demanding! Light stretches are recommended. graphs The capabilities of the Nintendo Switch look very well used with semi-realistic graphics. The choice of setting varies from a gym to a place on the mountain. The environment will change depending on an indicator to be filled during the sessions. Despite this intention, we only have the bare minimum for the visual. Let’s Get FitSoundtrackThe soundtrack is quite rich and offers different background music (Rock, Latin, ambient, etc.) The coaches also accompany with messages of encouragement and others, but their vocabulary is unfortunately not varied enough. The absence of precise instructions on the poses, however, is unfortunate (especially since the names remain in English) and we can’t add our own playlist either. Lifespan of Let’s Get Fit The lifespan of Let’s Get Fit will depend entirely on the player as it does not have a career mode. The programs offer a series of exercises ranging from 15 to 30 days, to renew according to your wishes. Ben-JJ’s opinion was very diligent when it came out. Maybe one or two 15 minute sessions a day, then I admit to spacing out the sessions to one or two per week. But I stay motivated and like to track my progress on the built-in calendar. Let’s Get FitMy review of Let’s Get Fit on Nintendo Switch15/20Let’s Get Fit is a fitness game that offers many programs and exercises suitable for all profiles. You have the option to follow the pre-installed workouts or create your own custom program. Straps are critical for motion detection (for dematerialized fans, consider getting some) An update to the trainers would be beneficial for this new license, to make them more pedagogic and chatty… Well I’m Back to game, I started the Big muscles program… In summary The strengths of Let’s Get Fit – Accessible to everyone – Very affordable price – Many programs – Exercises suitable for all profiles – Fully dubbed in French The weaknesses of Let’s Get Fit – No real rewards with points – Movements not often well detected – Sometimes hard to understand what exactly to do Let’s Get Fit on Switch Game Trailer
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