Brest: L’effiloche, the new minced meat food truck


By Yann Guénégou Posted on July 4 22 at 19:10 Côté Brest See my news Follow this medium Margaux Ricoul and Romain Floc’hlay embark on a new adventure with their mobile meals L’effiloche. ©Côté Brest. Brest’s new food truck (or mobile meals if you prefer) L’effiloche was installed on Thursday, June 30, 2022 and for the first time in the commercial port of Brest. In the Parc-à-Chaînes, more precisely, at the homonymous roundabout. As it will from now on every Thursday to welcome customers from noon to 2pm.Black and YellowA beautiful truck all black and yellow subtly dressed. “Black for the fashionable side, yellow for the sun, light, energy, the color of a hamburger and fries”, report Margaux Ricoul and Romain Floc’hlay, who, aged 29 and 35 respectively, embark on a new adventure Yes, L’effiloche offers hamburgers. On site (a few tables and chairs for about ten people are placed in front of the vehicle) or to take away. “But our star product is L’effi’casse,” says the young couple who live in Brest. Who details: It’s a tray of fries (made at home with Starlette potatoes, from Fouesnant) and shredded meat on top. You can choose between pulled pork (pork tenderloin marinated in barbecue sauce) or pulled beef (beef short rib also marinated in barbecue sauce). At the price of 9 euros, with consumption. Sliced ​​meat? Sliced ​​meat? “Marinated pieces, cooked at a low temperature in a saucepan between five and ten hours. Romain Floc’hlay, former butcher, explains: Margaux and I love travel and culinary traditions. We had done a 1,800km bike ride in a month and a half between Los Angeles, California and El Paso, Texas along the Mexican border for a while. We had discovered the cuisine of the southern United States, such as shredded, this dish whose main ingredient is barbecued pork shoulder, shredded with the help of claws and forks. Which reminded me of my father’s cooking, especially his melt-in-your-mouth beef bourguignon. A delight And Margaux Ricoul, formerly mass distribution manager, added: “Romain and I are complementary and we wanted to create our activity to work together. Cooking and traveling are common passions, we decided to combine them. And we replaced the casserole with the barbecue, for a French kitchen. “The meat that is prepared this way ends up in hamburgers. Double cheese, pulled pork, a lot, blues beef, veggie. And the ty breizh. From 10.50 to 14 euros. “The bread comes from the Chez Camille et Aloïs bakery, rue Jean-Jaurès in Brest, and the cheese, cow’s milk tomme, from the Kervel farm in Hanvec. »Videos: currently in Actu« Putting people first »Early customer feedback is promising. “They tell us it’s original, smooth, easy to drink. »If you have room for a small dessert, let yourself be tempted by the homemade chocolate mousse. Or Jampi ice cream, from Bohars, Margaux Ricoul and Romain Floc’hlay are all smiles. With this food truck, we rediscover the spirit we encounter while traveling. Movement is in our DNA. So yes, they admit it, “the beginnings are intense. Because we discover a new job. But these first weeks confirm our choice, they make us think it was the right one. Around the kitchen, to see people and make beautiful encounters. people first »Soon the cup will offer salads. Mobile Meals also participates in events (like Astropolis in Keroual last weekend) and can be booked for private services. L’effiloche offers a few tables and chairs for on-site dining. ©Brest side Where to find L’effiloche? Wednesday from 12.00 to 2.00 p.m. in front of the Würth store, Augustin-Fresnel street 95 in the Kergaradec area of ​​Gouesnou Wednesday evening from 6.00 p.m. to 9.00 p.m. in the parking lot of the Proxi supermarket, 13 Jean-Michel-Huon-de-Kermadec street in Bohars.Thursday from noon to 2pm at the Parc-à-Chaînes de Brest roundabout.Friday noon and evening at the bar de la Station, 132 boulevard de Coataudon in Guipavas.Saturday evening at camping du Vourgot, 1037 route de Prat- Lédan in Plouguerneau Other sites are in the authorization process: Brest Iroise technology park probably after the summer, La Cavale-Blanche sector, in Gouesnou… Was this article helpful to you? Know that you can follow Côté Brest in the My News space. In one click, after you’ve registered, you’ll find all the news from your favorite cities and brands.
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