Biarritz: Covid led to the coma of Barbara, a healthy fitness teacher


She wants to insist: “it doesn’t just happen to others”. The entrepreneur, who runs COD (Corps on Demand) a downtown gym, has been working to stop gambling. Why… He wants to insist: “it doesn’t just happen to others”. The entrepreneur, who runs COD (Corps on Demand) a downtown gym, has been working to stop gambling. why her There is no answer. No medical analysis has been able to explain the power of the evil that swept her away. Yes, she was vaccinated. And no, she had – a priori – “not the profile”, “she was so out of breath, so weak. I was at the end. I just wanted it to stop. “” We hear what we want to hear: that it is the obese, the elderly, those with comorbidities who are at risk of severe forms. I was like everyone else, she rewinds. I could worry about my elderly parents or my brother who smokes like a fireman, not me. I did regular and intense physical activity. I was very active. I was never sick. I had no health problems. “”It’s not good at all” So nothing to be alarmed about when he takes it. He has a fever, a headache. His very bad cough prevents him from sleeping and eating well, but “he was quite well. Seven days after his first positive test, his condition is not improving. Very weak, warns Samu who asks him to wait again in isolation. His doctor prescribed medicine. Days pass and “it gets worse and worse. I was tormented. Not anymore had strength for nothing On the same topic Long Covid: more symptoms in women If men are statistically more likely to suffer from a severe form of Covid-19 and die from the disease, women would be more exposed to symptoms, during the phase acute but also in the form of long Covid. This is the finding of a study carried out by the team of researchers led by Giovanna Pelà from the University of Parma in Italy. Worried, their friends alert the SOS doctors. The her oxygen level is abnormally low.She was rushed to the CU nothing intensive at the hospital in Bayonne. “The team of carers is fabulous but it is very difficult to reach the sheaf, to say: “Here I am. » » At this time, he is not aware of the seriousness of his condition. “I was thinking they were going to cheer me on and that would be good.” Until his CT scan of the lungs. “Around me, people are restless. There, I understand that it is not good at all. Then everything is very blurry…” The spark of life in her withers. “I was so breathless, so weak. I was at the end. I just wanted it to stop,” she recalls. This she makes clear to the nurse who is watching. She recalls “a lot of humanity, empathy. Her voice trails off as she repeats the words of the doctor who holds her hand: “Your condition she’s not stabilizing. We’ll put you to sleep, you’ll wake up in the same room.” She falls asleep “without thinking about anything.” Learning to breathe again. The coma she’s in must serve to amplify the effect of treatments. The first three days are critical. On day 4, her body regains ground on the Coronavirus. On day 5, she wakes up intubated and chained. A nightmare. “The feeling is horrible. There’s this tube down your throat that connects you to the machine. You can’t talk, you’re tied up so you won’t be tempted to screw it up. It lasted four days. It’s so long. You have nothing to distract you. Come and count the roof lines. “I refuse to think about it all the time. I refuse to live in terror. Bertrand Lapègue/SOUTHWEST Transferred to the infection, she can eat again, regain some autonomy and finally reconnect with her beings dear by phone. She has tested positive for covid-19 for 21 days. She returned home on December 6, on oxygen, with the assistance of a nurse and a physical therapist. The fight is far from over . His lungs are healing, but the slightest exertion still leaves him breathless today. Some days he has to stay in bed. “I’m very tired, I have trouble concentrating and paying attention, hair loss, night terrors.” “I’m blowing with a straw in a glass to make bubbles… At first, I couldn’t do it “Physiotherapy sessions are held daily. Yesterday’s athlete works hard. “I’m learning to breathe again. I’m blowing with a straw in a glass to make bubbles… At first, I couldn’t do it”, she sighs. Resuming her professional activity in these conditions remains unthinkable. At the moment, two coaches sports offer the services of their gym Mentally For a while he struggled to understand what remains inexplicable to the medical profession.He approached “After J20, long Covid association France”, he found solace in the exchanges nurtured with others patients but no answer. “The profiles are very diverse, there are no rules. People have had severe Covid and are fine, others with a milder version are much worse than me. “A few months ago, I was digging my own grave . Now I capture every moment of pleasure Barbara Lyon finally felt the need to step aside. She refuses to be overwhelmed by pessimism. “A lot of people complain and they can’t get out of it. I had to get over it to move forward. I don’t want to be sick anymore. I’m alive. “She relies on her athlete’s mind to regain control of a body forged by decades of sports practice, regaining her breath step by step. He resumed a social life, he does not disdain a restaurant with his friends, a tea on the terrace. She tries to let the “you have it because… because this or because… I’ve heard everything and anything. For lack of rational explanation, in front of me, people try to reassure themselves with small things. »
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