Health-Phase: an ambitious demonstrator project for the bioproduction of active compounds from microalgae

25 The Health-Phase project has been officially launched and will be used to open collaborative programs in health microalgae. Initiated at the beginning of 2022 within the GEPEA-UMR CNRS 6144 laboratory with the support of the Pays de Loire Region, this ambitious project aims to develop, through a demonstrator, processes dedicated to microalgae that ultimately allow meet industrial requirements. production for use in human health. This is the entire production chain, from the cultivation of microalgae in photobioreactors to the extraction-purification of active principles. Its scientific ambition and its innovative positioning already place it as one of the first biotechnological tools of its kind at national and international level. This project coordinated by Jeremy Pruvost, a professor at the University of Nantes, opens up the possibility of producing active principles of microalgae for validation on a clinical scale, in accordance with the needs of the Microalgae-Health field which is currently booming. The challenge lies both in the design of new technological bricks, and in the strict control of the entire process chain to guarantee the reproducibility of the production of the target molecules. We talk about Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), or even “GMP” for “Good Manufacturing Practices”. Thus, in addition to its highly innovative character, the academic production demonstrator will be positioned as an accelerator of new applications that allow the passage of a proof of concept, obtained at laboratory scale, towards a clinical scale production compatible with a use in humans. Health. This will open up the possibility of many scientific and industrial collaborations. The Health-Phase project will be carried out based on two main objectives, the first will be the development of processes that lead to the implementation of a new type of production chain within a dedicated environment of the GEPEA laboratory; the second is the demonstration of the therapeutic potential of various strains through the production of their active molecules through the production chain. Large-scale funding With a total cost of €1.8 million over 4 years, this project is the subject of support and large-scale funding (€1.2 million) granted by the Pays de la Loire region . It will see its realization supported by the University of Nantes, in particular through the support of the I-Site Nantais through the NExT project, and Capacities SAS, a subsidiary of the University of Nantes. Health-Phase is also part of the roadmap of the Pays de la Loire region for the development of the microalgae sector, with the desire that the region, and in particular the territory of Saint-Nazaire, strengthen its position as an entity national and international. pioneer in the field of microalgae-health applications. Associations: Several alliances have already been identified: – The Algosolis platform (UAR CNRS 3722) will be involved in various aspects of R&D; – AlgoSource-SA will operate the demonstrator for the production of polysaccharides from microalgae for uses in human health; – SATT Ouest Valorization for the supervision of national industrial associations – GPC-Bio and Brochier Technologies on the design of certain technological blocks with a view to their future industrialization; – AGS-Therapeutics for the demonstration part of the established production chain. However, the project remains open to new partners About: In 2020, the Region launched a call for “academic research demonstrator” projects. Endowed with an annual endowment of 2 million euros, the aim is to support discriminating teams in an innovative technology aimed at demonstrating the industrialization potential of a solution (product/process) in a strategic sector of the economy of the Loire For this reason, it has decided to give decisive support to the HEALTH-PHASE project with a grant of 1.2 million euros. Updated on July 21, 2022 by Christelle BERVAS.
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