Pink sauce, the new food obsession on TikTok and Twitter


(ETX Daily Up) – This is the food buzz of the moment on social media. Pink sauce has become the obsession of Internet users on TikTok and Twitter. A pink sauce with unknown ingredients that everyone is talking about. Explanations about this latest product that has gone viral on TikTok. TikTokeurs see life rosy. On the Chinese social network, users only talk about pink sauce. This sauce, which is used to accompany dishes, has the particularity of being all pink. A trendy color right now with “Barbie” trending on social media. This condiment piqued the curiosity of platform users, making user Chef Pii’s videos go viral. It is the latter who developed this new sauce. An early video from June 2022 shows Chef Pii eating chicken with her famous colorful sauce. Then follows a series of videos, promoting the sauce by having people, young and old, try it. And the sauce takes. Users drive the “hype” around the product. A product that, however, costs a lot: 20 dollars for a bottle of 444 grams. All this excitement around this pink sauce is mainly due to the mysterious taste of the seasoning, the ingredients of which were not immediately revealed. For many customers, the taste of the sauce would be on the sweet and sour side. Faced with incessant requests, the designer unveiled the composition in a video, still on TikTok. Garlic, honey, a bit of chilli, sunflower oil and finally dragon fruit, which gives it that particular pink colour. However, critics are mixed after the first orders. The bottle arrived damaged, labeling errors and even the consistency of the sauce is questioned. Some customers received a very runny, pink product, while others saw lumps in a washed-out pink mixture. Some have pointed out that there is no specific indication to refrigerate the product despite the presence of milk observed in the composition. In addition, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration, the American Federal Food and Drug Administration) has not given the green light to its commercialization. A step that the designer who addressed the criticism about the labeling but without mentioning the quality of her product is working on. The businesswoman still thanked her customers for spending $20 to help a startup get off the ground. Memes on Twitter On TikTok, views multiplied on video to test the product, more or less seriously, while on Twitter users preferred humor using memes. A real trend in which even the Netflix account participated with a capture of the clip of Ashley O, the main character of the episode 3 of the season 5 of “Black Mirror”, played by the singer and actress Miley Cyrus The vast majority of Internet users call for vigilance regarding the consumption of this sauce, which they believe is still too mysterious and above all not fully controlled. It remains to be seen whether the success of the pink sauce will really go beyond mere social media buzz and become a real jackpot. The designer has been careful not to share her recipes collected since the sale of her sauce. I just received my pink sauce. I know what I’m doing tonight! — Netflix (@netflix) July 21, 2022 I just learned about pink sauce and I love everything about it. The fact that it’s apparently just ranch with red food coloring. The label that does not fit the bottle stuck with glitter glue. The misspelling of vinegar in the ingredients. The fucking nutritional info — Parker (@anti90movement) July 19, 2022 The Original Pink Sauce — Taylor Lorenz (@TaylorLorenz) July 21, 2022 Find our playlist “Make Money Networking social: is it possible?” on Anchor and Spotify.

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