Street food in Nantes: two childhood friends open their restaurant specializing in pastrami

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By Farah Sadallah Posted on July 26 at 17:33 Actu Nantes See my news Follow this medium The two childhood friends Simon Bouet and Pierre Picorit opened their street food restaurant, Brother’s deli in June 2022. His specialty: pastrami. (©Farah Sadallah / Actu Nantes) “Where do you want to settle? In front of the sea? here we come This is the slogan with which Simon Bouet greets his customers at his new street food restaurant, on the banks of the Erdre, 41 quai de Malakoff, in Nantes. This laid-back young bon vivant offers New York-inspired pastrami sandwiches. The meat and sauce are acidic enough to wake you up and tingle the tip of your tongue. And if you like caramel, the onions are gently candied, creating a very pronounced sweet and salty mix. Actu Nantes enjoyed the 125gr Brother and its mustard and honey sauce. The Brother’s 125g sandwich is rye bread, honey mustard sauce, beef pastrami, pickles, candied onions. (©Farah Sadallah / Actu Nantes) First delicatessen in NantesOpened in June 2022, Brother’s deli prepares pastrami sandwiches, a culinary delicacy very fashionable in Paris, says Pierre Picorit, partner of Simon Bouet, a long-time friend. The two friends had been thinking of working together for some time. One thing said, one thing done, they both love pastrami, so they opened the first Delicatessen in Nantes. A place where this meat is eaten in brine (preserved in water and salt) and mixed with spices that are cooked for two days at a very low temperature. A patented recipe Patented, the recipe has been the subject of a lot of work. “We surrounded ourselves with many chefs who advised us,” says Pierre Picorit. We also went on a food tour in Paris to try the meat. »They finally decided to make their own pastrami in addition to selling it as a sandwich, between two slices of rye toast, making beef and turkey pastrami. It took eight months to find the recipe.Pierre PicoritA sandwich that dates back to the 19th centuryA dish that seems difficult to make, because it is loaded with history, and the two partners wanted to get closer to its production and its taste origin Knowing that the first sandwiches date from the 19th century, according to Pierre Picorit. Videos: currently on ActuOriginally, it comes from Romania. Pastra means conservation. And the Jews took him and brought him to America. It is the less noble part of the beef that is put in brine like the sternum or the breast.Simon Bouet It very quickly became the food of the workers: the pastrami between two slices of toasted rye bread, which could be found in the charcuterie “It was to stop the workers in the skyscrapers”, illustrates Simon Bouet. A beer associated with the sandwich The two friends, who have always been involved in their parents’ cooking, have therefore wanted to put it back in the spotlight of the culinary scene in Nantes. For takeout or delivery, you have the choice of five sandwiches, including a vegetarian one. No fries, pastrami will do. The desserts are also homemade, as is the beer (white and blonde) that has been specially created to pair with the sandwiches. And the two friends don’t stop there. They plan to launch the Brunch version of Brother’s deli, a hearty New York-style lunch, in September. It will only be available on weekends. Practical information: Brother’s deli, 41 quai de Malakoff, Nantes Open Monday to Sunday Opening hours: 11:30 to 14:30, 18:30 to 22:00 Was this article helpful? Note that you can follow Actu Nantes in the My Actu space. In one click, after you’ve registered, you’ll find all the news from your favorite cities and brands.
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