Japanese, Italian, hamburgers… Soon a food hall in Rouen: a dozen restaurateurs wanted


You no longer have to choose between Japanese and Italian, French bistro and hamburger: the food hall concept is coming to Rouen, with a dozen restaurateurs who will soon set up shop in the old Ströke, on the wharf of the right bank Explanations Work can begin on the future food hall, replacing the old squash and badminton activities in hangar E, right bank. In the photo, Célia Mac Donald, director of the “Entrepôt food hall” Publication: July 27, 2022 at 10:36 a.m. Reading time: 3 min This is the first in Normandy and is happening in Rouen: s’ is preparing a dining hall on the right bank docks. The concept is to offer several catering offers in one place. Everyone chooses what they want to eat and we meet around a large or smaller communal table, wherever there is space. A beeper lets you know when your plate is ready, just pick it up. 7 days a week, noon and evening Ten different catering concepts, two bars, 400 seats inside, 200 on the terrace, three lofts… “L’Entrepôt food hall” will be located in the hangar E (the former Ströke), in the vast space formerly occupied by squash and badminton. In the maneuver, the Guéret family group, which already owns a dozen establishments in Rouen (hotels, bars and restaurants). After the acquisition of the building in 2020, a first restaurant was opened in June 2021, independently of the food hall project: Baciami, now renamed Bacetto. For the rest of the hangar, the group had first considered creating a bar. “We thought a lot about what could be done and after a tour of food halls in Europe and France, we decided to open one here”, says Célia Mac Donald, who joined the Guérets, there is little to take the direction from L’Entrepôt. Opening in December The concept is for restaurateurs to rent a stand, “a workshop”, for a three-year contract that can be terminated with three months’ notice. Crockery and cutlery are provided by L’Entrepôt. One of the conditions to be respected, in addition to offering an “accessible but quality” cuisine, favoring “fresh and local”, is the opening 7 days a week, noon and evening. In addition to the ten fixed workshops, up to five temporary workshops will periodically renew the offer. “We are starting to hire. We have already received about twenty applications, they will be validated in mid-September”, announces Célia Mac Donald. Also looking for professionals from Rouen or the region and beyond. “The opening is scheduled for December, at the very beginning of the year. The aim is for us to familiarize ourselves with the Navy. Without being able to give a name, the director evokes the types of cuisine that can be found: “Asian, French, a seafood/fish concept, another meat concept, a coffee…” L’Entrepôt will want to be a place. of life, where you come to spend some time in the afternoon, with why not a yoga class in one of the mezzanines, or a painting activity for the children. Read also Electric charging points out of service: in Rouen, the annoyance of drivers Read also The second-hand children’s clothing store, Bambins malins, sets up in Barentin The eye of the photographer (8/8). The contemplations of Julie Pradier, of landscapes in mirages Gros-Horloge, cathedral… Do you know the secrets of these historical monuments of Rouen? Continue reading on this topic(s): Catering Rouen (Seine-Maritime)

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