Gua bao, spring rolls… Noun restaurant, temple of Asian street food, opens in Lille

Le restaurant Noun ouvrira dans le Vieux-Lille pour proposer de la street-food asiatique, notamment des gua bao et des spring rolls.

By Hervine Mahaud Posted on August 4 22 at 6:10 pm Lille Actu See my news Follow this media Noun restaurant will open in Old Lille to offer Asian street food, especially gua bao and spring rolls. (©Instagram Noun Restaurant)If, like us, you love Asian street food, this new address should make your mouth water. Located at 10 rue de la Barre in Old Lille, Noun Restaurant specializes in gua bao and spring rolls, two dishes that come straight from Asia. The opening is imminent as it is planned for August 24, 2022, but first it will be by delivery. Healthy, beautiful and easy to eat Concepts around Asian street food are still very successful in Lille, gourmets and curious And this one must not escape. Noun, among other things, will offer two very popular dishes: gua bao, a small steamed bun filled with Taiwanese meat, and spring rolls (like spring rolls) filled with crunchy little vegetables. At the origin of this new brand, three friends, Nicolas Blanchet, Simon Grenet and Richard Vaillant. “All three of us are avid travelers and we’ve all been to Southeast Asia at some point. And there, we fell in love with their cuisine. It’s some of the best street food in the world. It’s flavorful, with lots of vegetables, and quite healthy,” explains Nicolas. Seeing the content on Instagram And since everyone already worked in the restaurant, in consulting or in operations, the idea of ​​starting their own business came naturally. “We already work for others, so why not use our skills for ourselves. It was by talking about it that we ended up starting”, summarizes the co-founder. Together, they opted for a kitchen “in tune with the times.” We are on the trend of eating well and wanted to offer something that is both beautiful and attractive, but also easy to eat on the street, fresh and affordable. The development of the gua bao and buns recipes was therefore entrusted to Richard, the chef of the gang who trained in Parisian cookery schools and cut his teeth in star restaurants. Simon took care of the financial side. “And I’m a fan of everything,” smiles Nicolas. A fourth partner has joined the team of restaurateurs See content on Instagram Videos: currently in Actu For the location of their first restaurant (yes, there will be others if they are successful), the entrepreneurs they have focused on Lille, and more particularly on Old Lille, which fits better with their concept. They set their sights on the premises at 10 rue de la Barre, formerly occupied by the Exploratrices tea room. Work is underway to transform the premises into a catering counter, mainly intended for takeaway sales. You can also taste your order on site, on the upper floor or on the terrace. For the decoration, “we went with a very vegetal theme, with wood and plants everywhere. We were inspired by the temples of Angkor. »Dozens of recipes to get you started If we let the restaurant reveal its entire menu, however, we can make you salivate with a little taste. Each specialty will be available in several recipes: 6 for the rolls and 4 for the gua bao. For example, “spicy chicken, yuzu duck, or sesame soy” for small steamed buns. And the rolls will be chicken, salmon, shrimp, with a vegetable version and another bacon goat cheese. “We’re going there with this offer and we’ll see if he likes it,” emphasizes Nicolas. The menu also includes accompaniments, to complete the menus on offer. So we will have a miso soup, two types of salads, vinegared rice and gyozas. To finish on a sweet note, you can choose from a green tea cake, a carrot cake and a chia seed, coconut milk and mango dessert. See content on Instagram For drinks, there will be the classic Coca Cola, as well as iced tea and homemade lemonade. But Noun wants to play the card of originality with qualitative references that you don’t find anywhere else. Like Schorle, a sparkling apple juice flavored with rhubarb, organic and made in France. But also a drink composed of herbal infusions, as well as kombucha. The standard menu at 10€90 will include a dish (rolls or gua bao) + a drink + an accompaniment or a dessert. Two-course menus will also be offered, and you can mix and match. For example: two bao, two rolls or one of each. After this menu, “we are satisfied”, promises the co-founder of Noun. The restaurant is slated to open on August 24, 2022, but the deal will be available on Uber Eats and Deliveroo first, enough to allow some time for the team to get on board. Initially only rolls will be offered. Gua bao, served hot and therefore more suitable for autumn-winter, will debut in October.Was this article helpful? Note that you can follow Lille Actu in the My Actu space. In one click, after you’ve registered, you’ll find all the news from your favorite cities and brands.
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