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By Cyril BONNEFOY, meteorologist Posted on 22/08/05, updated on 22/08/05 at 18:31 A new heat wave will accompany the people of August in this second week of August. You will make the most of the coasts which will bring you very pleasant breezes while in the mountains you will have to watch out for strong storms in the Alps and Pyrenees from time to time. Trend in the northern half It’s a new week of summer for the northern half of the country, due to an anticyclone located in the British Isles that guarantees sun but also a light wind from the northeast to temper the atmosphere, at least during the first part of the week (22-30 °C). The wind will turn to the east-south-east by the end of the week, which will lead to a further rise in the mercury, with increasingly less breathable nights in cities (19-22°C) and temperatures at scorching levels in cities. in the afternoon (33-38°C), except near the Manega channel (25-29°C). Mid-south trend This weekend’s stormy trend will continue into this second holiday week, but mainly near the peaks of the Alps and Pyrenees. Everywhere, the weather will be sunny and dry but also increasingly hot. Scorching temperatures (35-40°C) will extend to the Atlantic coast, due to the onshore wind. Only the Mediterranean coasts, in the second part of the week, will benefit from sea breezes that will limit temperatures in the afternoon (29-33°C). On the other hand, in these regions, the nights will be stifling (22-25°C). If you’re at the beach Beaches should be taken by storm, due to this 4th heat wave that will start on Sunday in the south. The evolution will be somewhat reversed between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic with a scorching weekend and start of the week to the beaches of the Big Blue, due to a prevailing sea breeze while, at the same time, temperatures will be higher. temperate on the Atlantic coast. From midweek, the situation will reverse with the wind strengthening from east to west and the mercury rising, while sea breezes will resume their right in the Mediterranean, limiting the heat in the afternoon. Anyway, it will be hot and you should avoid going to the beach between 12pm and 4pm and think about wearing sunscreen and moisturizing regularly. Likewise, remember that in these hot weather, the risk of hydrocution will remain at a maximum, despite the high temperature of the water. Finally, conditions will be ideal in the English Channel all week with a very pleasant light north-easterly wind, which will allow the high temperatures to be avoided. If you are in the mountains In the mountains, this week, you will avoid excessive heat, even if the context remains much warmer than normal. For example, you will have to climb more than 4000 to 4500 meters to find a temperature below 0°C. At 1500 meters of altitude, afternoon temperatures usually reach 25 to 28 °C. The UV index is very strong in the mountains, so it is obviously recommended to apply sunscreen regularly. Pay attention to the diurnal evolution during the afternoons, which could disturb your walks especially in the Alps, the Pyrenees and, to a lesser extent, the Corsican mountains. Flash floods from mountain streams can be observed, as well as violent hailstorms. You will find the mountain and sea forecasts in our dedicated sections of our site. This article is updated every Friday. Happy Holidays to all!
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