Montbartier: Base Organic Food has a recipe for success


the essential From the living room of his home to a 3,400 m2 building located in the logistics area of ​​Montbartier, it is a strange trajectory followed by Charif Benabderrahmane in just a few years. Arriving in Montauban in 2010 with a Master’s in Marketing, with various experiences at Ferrero, Nestlé and especially Vitalfrais, the entrepreneur created his company in 2015 (Base Organic Food) because he had no possibility to show the scope of its potential. His business: the import and sale of organic nuts. During his many trips abroad, he created several supply chains for quality organic products, especially from Asia, Africa and Turkey (hazelnuts, almonds, grapes, walnuts, pecans, peanuts, etc.). Coconut came to complete the range. Fair trade Fair trade that he defends and practices assiduously on the ground in the 23 supply chains he has developed over the years with tangible results: building a school in Burkina Faso, drilling a well in Kenya, aid to agriculture in Indonesia, school supplies in Ghana, hospital aid in Kenya, canteen in Burkina Faso… Before arriving there, Charif Ben passed through the business incubator in the center of Montauban (today La House of the Region ). “I started with a few euros in my pocket and made deliveries to the store with my vehicle. Then I joined the nursery, where I had a 10 m2 box.” A short interlude in Bressols and he moved to Montbartier, where he rents. a storage and production building alongside heavyweights like Action or Denjean. “I was looking for a place to internalize all the activities and we moved in 2020, three days before the confinement linked to Covid. I invested 2 million euros in the production lines and cold rooms.” Thanks to the sale of nuts to wholesalers and organic stores, in bulk or in bags from 50 grams to 25 kg, the start-up is growing rapidly, the company added a new rope to its bow with the purchase of a toaster for toasting. nuts to enhance its flavor. Since then, it markets nuts with coconut butter and almond puree. This year, he acquired a special dried fruit grinder and installed a new packaging line. Thus, you can offer oilseed purees and spreads. The start-up of this workshop will create four jobs (three have already been filled) and will ultimately allow the production of up to 700 pots per hour. It has just launched its first range, spicy cashew puree, available in four flavours: regular, salt and pepper, curry and chilli. Because the idea is also to develop other products from around the world that can easily be adapted to the kitchen. This is one of the reasons why the company has 17 people from different backgrounds out of a total workforce of 38 employees (average age: 29), 20% after a brief upswing due to covid and costs of transport (the price of a container went from 4,000 to 19,000 euros) – the company survives the crisis. It has a turnover of 17 million and the manager plans to build a new building of 5,000 m2 in 2023-2024. “The market is tight but we manage to grow. My goal is to democratize the organic, we don’t earn a cent on conventional. We have to work on the margin, at the right price.” A recipe that seems to work…
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