The first healthy fast food has just opened its doors in Belgium and is worth a visit


Gastronomy and gastronomy A 100% Belgian establishment where you can taste quickly and without feeling guilty. It must be said that fast food can be very practical. It doesn’t matter what time of day they are open and they offer us a meal ready in a few minutes. But if the tastes are generally comforting, the caloric intake is catastrophic… So we tend to try to limit our visits to these famous brands, just so we don’t feel too guilty. It is in this mood that Aurélien Luze, a 24-year-old Carolo full of energy and full of resources, imagined a completely new concept: Shape & Go, a healthy fast food. The chain’s first establishment opened its doors on June 1 in Charleroi, in the Ville 2 shopping center. The challenge? Offer fast and healthy consumption. On the menu, rolls that have been imagined and validated by a dietician, Damien Pauquet. Thus, all the amounts, all the ingredients and all the associations have been thought out so as not to exceed a certain caloric intake and guarantee a healthy and balanced meal. You can choose between the Veggie Roll, Peanut Lover, Coconut Honey, Cheese or Chicken Chili. The nutritional values ​​are detailed for each of them. It is also possible to imagine your own roll by choosing the ingredients of your choice. Those looking to treat themselves a little more can also customize the rolls on offer by adding extra ingredients. Read also> A “fast food” from ancient Rome was discovered intact in Pompeii In total, the rolls are offered in four different formats (from 4.70 euros to 10.50 euros or in menu format from 8, 70 euros to 13.60 euros): mini, maxi, mega or ferro. The Shape&Go site even offers to answer a few very simple questions to find out which shape works best for each customer. Another year, with the aim of enjoying a healthy meal adapted to everyone’s nutritional needs. @shapeandgo Come and taste your ROLL 😎 #nourishment #fastfood #fyp ♬ original sound – Shape&Go Homemade The dough for the rolls is made on site, while all the ingredients and all the sauces are made in a Marcinelle workshop. Also note that with the exception of the scampi which is frozen, all other ingredients are fresh. Aurélien told us that he appealed to producers and orchards in his region, with an eco-responsible approach. All the drinks on offer are also designed to be low-calorie and sustainable, while the packaging is made from recycled materials. The place also adheres to the concept, as the decoration aims to be raw and natural, the tables are also blocks of recycled wood. Of course, the chain is called to evolve and grow. Aurélien hopes to open his second establishment early next year, either in Namur or Liège before setting up, he hopes, elsewhere in Wallonia and Brussels. “The idea is for people to say to themselves that I’m going to have a Shape&Go, like you could say that I’m going to have a McDo”, he explains. We had the opportunity to taste these healthy rolls made in Belgium and the result is without appeal, we enjoyed without having the impression that we were deprived of anything and above all we were satiated. Those with a sweet tooth can also indulge in dessert: yogurt with fresh fruit or homemade granola. Good to know, if you live in the region and don’t want to go there, it’s possible to order your meal online and have it delivered.
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