The 15 most beautiful girl names inspired by astronomy


“A little closer to the stars,” sang the group Gold in the 80s. The sky and space have always held a real fascination for humans, but also a real source of inspiration. It must be said that between galaxies, planets, comets and stars, there is a lot to dream about. And that’s a good thing, because this inspiration could be used to find the ideal first name for your future baby girl. Why choose a female name inspired by astronomy? Astronomy has for too long been considered a domain reserved for men, and yet, without women, these gentlemen would never have set foot on the Moon! Space exploration is a field that is inspiring more and more women, and if you’re choosing an astronomy-inspired name for your daughter, you might want to follow in the footsteps of these strong and inspiring women. But since a first name isn’t always intended to inspire, you can also choose a female name related to astronomy because you find it sweet, poetic, or original. Retro name, compound name, mixed name… Up there in space, there’s something for everyone. Also read: 35 Very Varied Baby Names Which astronomy-inspired baby girl name to choose? Is your birth coming soon and your little star soon to see the light? Follow the guide to find a cosmic name for your daughter! This female given name, which may also refer to Greek mythology, is the generic name of a family of European civilian satellite launchers. The Arianes will be magnificent rockets! In Greek mythology, Asteria, daughter of the titans Ceos and Phoebe, was considered the personification of the starry night. Bella is the diminutive of Bellatrix (yes, as in Harry Potter), the second largest star in the constellation Orion. Original name that can be shortened to Cassie, Cassiopeia is the name of a W-shaped constellation, easy to recognize in the starry sky, named after the queen of Ethiopia in Greek mythology, wife of Cepheus and mother of Andromeda. This first name, borne by Lady Di, the mother of Princes William and Harry, refers to the Roman goddess of the Moon. Dorothy Vaughan is a mathematician and computer scientist who worked for NASA. She is one of the women who made it possible for humans to walk on the moon, and she has also done a lot for the rights of people of color in the United States. This Japanese given name, borne by the singer Hoshi who chose it as her stage name, means “star” in Japanese. This beautiful and very original Indian name means “sun” in Sanskrit. This white dwarf star in the constellation Centaurs has crystallized and is now a giant diamond. This story inspired the Beatles song Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. Moon, Luna, Louna, Louane… All these first names are inspired by the Moon, the star in orbit around the Earth. The first name Mayssa is an Arabic name meaning ‘bright star’ – a magnificent poetic meaning. Norma is the Latin name for the constellation of the Sovereign, traversed by the Milky Way and obscured in the middle by a lane of interstellar dust. First name of Persian origin, Soraya derives from the first Arabic name Thurayya, a word that designates the Pleiades, an open cluster of stars located in the constellation of Taurus. This beautiful Italian name means “star” – perfect for the little star in your life! This first name is that of Valentina Tereshkova, Russian cosmonaut and first woman in space. Also read: The 10 most beautiful girl names that make you want to travel The 20 most beautiful flower names for a baby girl
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