Weather report. English Channel: despite the rainfall, why is the drought still relevant?

Les pluies orageuses ne sont pas une solution pour endiguer la sécheresse.

By Sebastien Lucot Posted on August 23, 22 at 7:45 La Presse de la Manche See my news Follow this media Stormy rains are not a solution to curb the drought. (©La Presse de la Manche) Blue skies as far as the eye can see, heat, sun… This summer 2022, the inhabitants of the area have been able to make the most of the summer season thanks to splendid weather. Tourists from France or also from abroad, since around 2 million of them have stayed there since July 1. It was good to live in La Mancha, except for a few scorching days, such as Monday 18 July 2022 when it reached 40 degrees for the first time since the department’s weather readings began. in Cherbourg in July 2022. But it must be recognized that this type of quasi-Mediterranean climate is not at all representative of the region, nor is it within the “normal” of the local climatology. Indeed, with an average of 18.4 degrees -calculation of the average minimum and maximum average temperatures of the month-, the deviation from the seasonal norms for July 2022 is +2 degrees. It is even +2.5 degrees during the first 20 days of August. Same observation regarding precipitation: a deficit of -94% was observed in July 2022, with only 3 millimeters of rain. Some municipalities in the department did not receive a single drop of water during the same month. July was also considered the driest month ever recorded in France since 1959. Extreme temperatures, almost no rain… The drought did not wait until the end of summer to spread. The latter, combined with low rainfall during the winter and spring, was inevitable with such an extraordinary summer. The entire Canal is in crisis or on high alert for several days, several weeks, with numerous restrictions on the use of water. Lately, the ban on washing cars in North-Cotentin car washes, but since August 15, the clouds have returned. Accompanied by the saving of precipitation, given that the lawns on the grid so far are turning green again, the amounts of water have been substantial at times in certain sectors, in particular the Val de Saire and the region of Villedieu-les-Poêles , with stationary storms. About fifty millimeters have fallen in Cherbourg since mid-August, sometimes close to 80 to 90 millimeters in Percy, but the drought continues. “The few rains and storms of the last few days have still been quite insufficient to curb the drought,” Guillaume Séchet, meteorologist and presenter of BFM TV, said a few days ago Constant rains A paradox, since after several excessive heat waves, it would natural to think that these rains are beneficial. Sometimes intense in storms, they are exhausted by their intensity and cannot penetrate the ground. The latter, very dry for several weeks, does not allow the infiltration of rainwater in any way. A real problem for groundwater. At the beginning of July, already on this date, 88% of them had a level below the average Videos: currently in Actu for a long time. We just have to wait for a wet autumn and winter, much to the chagrin of some.Was this article helpful? Note that you can follow La Presse de la Manche in the My News section. In one click, after you’ve registered, you’ll find all the news from your favorite cities and brands.
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