Dinosaur remains, Nazi ships… drought brings these seven sunken places to life


For many months, the planet has suffered one of the most severe droughts in history. World War II German Ship (Serbia) The drying up of the Danube has revealed about 20 explosives-laden Nazi warships from World War II, posing a navigational hazard, Reuters said. Scattered across the riverbed, some ships still have turrets, conning bridges, broken masts and twisted hulls, while others are mostly submerged under sandbars. A village under water (Spain) In 1992, the 120 inhabitants of the small town of Aceredo, a few kilometers from the Portuguese border, had to leave their home to make way for the hydroelectric reservoir of the dam of Lindoso. Nearly 70 houses have recently reappeared, with the drought. A Second World War bomb (Italy) Military experts have defused and carried out a controlled explosion of the 450 kg bomb, discovered on July 25, near the northern village of Borgo Virgilio. An unprecedented drought exposed an unexploded World War II bomb in Italy’s Po River. The Italian military disposed of the bomb by detonating it shortly after its discovery.ud83dudcf7: Reuters pic.twitter.com/9nHLQZVh6a— WIRED (@WIRED) August 8, 2022 A ‘stonehenge’ in a lake (Spain) Officially known as the Guadalperal Dolmen but called Spain’s Stonehenge, the circle of dozens of megalithic stones is believed to date back to 5,000 BC, according to CNN. It is currently in a corner of the Valdecanas reservoir, in the central province of Cáceres, where authorities say the water level has dropped to 28% of its capacity. Sometimes called the Spanish Stonehenge, the Guadalperal dolmen is usually underwater. Heat waves and droughts in Spain this summer have exposed their place on the floor of the Valdecañas reservoir.ud83dudcf7: Reuters pic.twitter.com/vbE39TXjaU— WIRED (@WIRED) August 19, 2022 Ancient Rome (Italy) In the Italian capital, the drought caused the levels of the Tiber to drop one and a half meters compared to the average. The waters of the river have thus revealed the ruins of an ancient Roman construction called Pons Neronianus or Bridge of Nero and located near the Sant’Angelo Castle and the Vatican City. A ‘rocky beach’ (Italy) Lake Garda in northern Italy is at its lowest level in 15 years, so much so that the stone slabs around the Sirmione peninsula are now visible. It is the largest in Italy and also an important tourist destination. Its level is the lowest since 2007. Pedal boats are parked far from the water’s edge and catamarans have replaced hydrofoils: drought has brought Lake Garda in northern Italy to its lowest level since 15 years old #AFP pic.twitter.com/Jz45SL5t0R — Agence France-Presse (@afpfr) August 16, 2022 Dinosaur footprints (USA) Dinosaur footprints so far hidden and probably around 113 years old of millions of years have appeared in broad daylight in the bed of a dry river, he reported on Tuesday, August 23. a manager of a park in Texas, in the United States, reports Huffpost citing AFP. It could be one of the longest sequences of dinosaur footprints in the world, according to the caption of these impressive images posted by the park on social media.

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