No amount of calculations and riddles can resist him: this high school student could become a world champion in mathematics


In two short days, Titouan Salmon Gandonnière will be sitting in the middle of a room with dozens of other high school students. Like him, they have qualified for the international championship of mathematical games and will meet on August 26 and 27, 2022 in Lausanne, Switzerland. As the fateful date approaches, the 17-year-old assures that he is “not stressed at all” and that he is “looking forward” to working on the subjects. Above all, he wants to “take advantage” of this competition and “no goal has been set”. Titouan Salmon Gandonnière, a high school student from Royan, will participate in the international math games championship that will take place on August 26 and 27, 2022 in Switzerland. | HÉLÈNE SALMON GANDONNIÈRE Titouan Salmon Gandonnière does not devote these last moments to revisions. No, he is currently participating in the French sailing championship in Martigues. Then he will immediately take the direction of Switzerland with both his parents. This competitor will arrive three hours before the start of the first test. But don’t imagine that the student takes this competition lightly. “I have read the last issues that had fallen in previous years. No need to prepare at the last minute, it’s all year round. “With 19.5 out of 20 in the first semester and 19.86 in the second in mathematics, he will have to be counted on on D-day. “You have to break your brain” The son of two teachers, Titouan Salmon Gandonnière is educated in Cordouan high school in Royan. From primary school, he developed an appetite for mathematics. When he reached Second, he joined a mathematics club that allows a more playful approach to the subject. “We have fun,” he sums up. It’s kind of a challenge to come up with the solution. You have to rack your brains. The teacher who oversees this weekly class has gotten into the habit of entering her students into contests. That’s how the high school student got into the French national team for the mathematical games championship, a competition created in 1987 by the French Federation of Mathematical Games. Titouan Salmon Gandonnière and his teacher who supervises the mathematics club at his high school. | CHRISTINE BACHELIER-CANU He is well aware that this stuff makes you sweat cold to many students… and even to adults. To reconcile with equations, geometry and problems, he suggests “start with easy exercises so you don’t get disgusted” but above all bet on fun. “You have to have fun and understand that math can be useful. He admits that he is “lucky to have attentive teachers” who gave him a taste for numbers. A future engineer? For a long time he dreamed of himself as an architect, but now he would see himself as an engineer, he confided to Sud Ouest. “But I still don’t know in which area”, he told us. At the beginning of the course he will enter Terminale. After high school, “I would like to participate in a preparatory course and then enroll in an engineering school. » A true scientist, he does not hide being “less good in literary matters”, but this orientation enthusiast especially clings to English. In Lausanne, he will not be the only Frenchman. Eleven other high school students of his age have qualified and will defend the tricolor colors. In total, around 350 competitors from around the world between the ages of 10 and 80 will gather, Le Parisien specifies. They will be divided into several categories: from CE1 to high school, then amateurs and students of mathematics and finally professionals. chevron_leftchevron_right
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