Psychology: Eight Things Happy Couples Never Do


Posted on August 27, 2022 at 10:38am Psychology: Eight Things Happy Couples Never Do Do you want to strengthen your relationship? So take inspiration from these eight principles. We reveal which bad habits people tend to avoid in a healthy relationship. Pexels / Anna Shvets maintain and nurture a strong and loving relationship over time. Here is a collection of eight behaviors that happy couples avoid.1. They do not hesitate to talk about angry topics, no matter how harmonious they are, sooner or later disagreements will arise in a relationship. Instead of sweeping their feelings under the rug to avoid angry topics, happy couples are able to talk openly and honestly about money, education, sex, and everything in between. Heated debates require curiosity and courage, but honesty and openness strengthen the long-lasting feeling. complicity term. Unsplash / Kenny Eliason2. They don’t make apothecary accounts In a healthy relationship, both partners do things with love for each other because they want to, not because they expect the other to reciprocate. If you’re annoyed by always emptying the dishwasher, do it in a calm tone. You may find that your partner is also constantly doing something that you may not have noticed.Give and Take: To make a relationship last, you have to be generous with each other and trust each other.Pexels/ Shvets Production3. They don’t get angry “Is something wrong?” – “No why?” – “I see something is bothering you.” – “No, no.” – “Do you want to talk about it?” – “Why, of what? Because I tell you there is nothing. Unhappy couples let frustrations and other disappointments drive distance between them, while happy couples accept the fact that neither is perfect. The first step is to show your vulnerability and accept the dialogue, even when you feel hurt. Apologizing and forgiving certainly requires a certain greatness of spirit, but it allows for a fresh start and creates a stronger long-term love. Nobody is perfect. Pexels / Blue Bird4. They don’t insult each other. Happy couples rarely, if ever, resort to name-calling, because they know that this type of communication is counterproductive and harmful. Instead, unhappy couples are often stuck in communication patterns that involve contempt, insults, and negativity. Try to be careful with the words you use, even when the going gets tough. Insults stick forever and are not nice to say. Avoid hurtful words and insults because they leave a mark. Pexels / Cottonbro5. They don’t deal with going into drawers, reading your partner’s texts and emails – you have to have a lot of trust in each other and know how to control yourself not to do these things. If you can’t stop prying into other people’s business, you should ask yourself where this mistrust comes from. Conversely, partners in a strong relationship are able to tolerate their privacy being slightly invaded from time to time, especially when the other stumbles on something or looks at it out of pure curiosity. Those who have nothing to hide have nothing to fear. Pexels / Gustavo Fring6. They don’t lie There’s no point in lying. At best, we are doing well, but it is a heavy burden to bear. However, we rarely get away with it. When you keep a lie, it’s hard to stay connected to the other person. One needs all of one’s energy to be fully present in connection with the other, and holding on to a lie takes away a lot of that energy. Healthy relationships require a certain dynamic, in which the truth has its place. .Unsplash / Duong Huu7 . They don’t see each other as enemies. Happy couples regularly remind each other that they are on the same side. Those who do not perceive their partner as an enemy will automatically be happier in their relationship. It involves making compromises and making decisions together.. Even with the greatest affinities, dialogue and adjustment are still necessary. Do not assume that the other person is able to read your mind. Unsplash / Joanna NixDoes your partner want to go to the countryside, but not you? Does your girlfriend want an open relationship, but you don’t? Want to adopt a puppy, but not your better half? Unhappy couples say, “Too bad, I do it anyway!” or “Is it wrong? Never!”. Happy couples take their time and find a way to agree on a situation, even if it wasn’t their initial opinion. 8. They don’t take each other for granted. Some couples end up autopilot, while the happiest couples make a conscious effort to nurture their relationship.Regular one-on-one meetings, hugs, or casual kisses—it’s often the little touches that bring you closer. These gestures tend to get lost in the daily routine, but they can be reintegrated at any time. Never stop showing your good side. Giphy Bonus Tip: Happy couples are always on the lookout for activities, events, and experiences that bring pleasure and bring momentum to the couple. They bring new ideas that they want to try together and are willing to commit to. What is your advice to avoid falling into a rut as a couple? Pexels/Monstera
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