Revolution’hair adapts the food truck business model to the hair salon

Coiffeur professionnel, Anthony Berniau s

Like many of his fellow entrepreneurs, it was the boredom of his life as an employee that pushed Anthony Berniau to start his own business. A hairdresser since the age of 17, the man from Cher has climbed all the levels, from apprentice to salon director in Sainte-Algue. If he likes his job, the 34-year-old man can’t stand the routine: “I had the impression of being in a golden prison, due to always exercising in the same environment,” sighs the hairdresser. What better than a truck to break up this monotonous day to day? The idea is suggested to him by a friend in a joking tone, but it germinates in the hairdresser’s head in search of a new playground, so he chooses to be inspired by food trucks, these fashionable trucks that transform into a local of catering . Forging collaborations “I had no role model in my profession, I started from a blank sheet to think about my concept”, says the entrepreneur. For the design he turned to a company specialized in the equipment of professional vehicles. The result is a small machine that is self-sufficient in electricity and water, and requires a simple B permit to be driven. The truck setup does not allow you to style more than two clients simultaneously, or work with anyone else. The hair salon does not disclose the amount it invested to launch its business, but the development of a truck amounts to 80,000 euros. Investments financed with own funds and with the help of a bank loan. Once in possession of the keys to the truck, the most difficult part began: “The nerve of the war, for any travel concept, is finding locations.” So, the man started a prospecting campaign for local businesses, from which he rented spaces. But to secure its delivery points and guarantee a minimum number of customers, it also establishes partnerships with companies such as a food truck: for a fixed amount of money, the employer offers a discount to employees. Every Tuesday, he exclusively cuts the hair of the employees of the Disneyland Paris amusement park, located in Chessy in Seine-et-Marne. Among his other clients, the businessman counts Air Liquide or Ramsay private hospitals: “When you like a place and it works, you can also make the business relationship last as long as possible! “Double expenses Having managed a mobile salon and sedentary salons, Anthony Berniau is formal: “In general, the truck is much more profitable than the salon. Charges are half what they were in my old living rooms. You don’t need to take into account the exorbitant cost of rent in the Paris region, which has nothing to do with the building fees I pay to the companies whose parking I occupy.” The entrepreneur also saves wages, since he works alone. With this mode of operation, it generates a turnover of around 8,000 euros per month, working 5 to 6 days a week. Having made the decision to be nomadic also allows the hairdresser to optimize his profitability, concentrating on the places that attract the most customers. “The originality of the concept attracts attention,” says the entrepreneur. Anthony Berniau initially considered developing his concept as a franchise. But the entrepreneur now wants to opt for a rental system, which is easier to start: “The idea is to buy a second truck fully equipped and rent it turnkey to an experienced hairdresser who wants to start, so that he doesn’t have to- I take care of the training”, explains the hairdresser.
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