5 practical tips so that fitness is always a pleasure!


Don’t do fitness alone “What do you mean, not alone? Aren’t we the only ones who sweat and blow on camera? “. Well, not necessarily. In Basic-Fit, for example, you can invite someone to come train with you. Story to keep you motivated. You can challenge your gym partner (who can do a set of 20 sit-ups the fastest , for example), but you can also, of course, have a good chat while you walk or run on the mat. Do you like group activities? Enjoy live group classes: pilates, zumba, body pump, indoor cycling … There’s something for everyone. These terms don’t mean much to you (yet)? Don’t worry: all live group classes are taught by certified instructors, so you can be sure you’ll get the support you need you need. Call a professional In a gym, you can sometimes feel overwhelmed. To find your mark, you have the possibility at Basic-Fit to call a personal trainer. He will help you define your goals, achieve more results fast and reduce the risk of injury.You can also opt for the “Personal Coach Online” and benefit from the advice and support of a qualified sports coach through the application. He will provide you with a tailored 12-week training program and give you advice on diet and lifestyle. During these 12 weeks, you and your coach will analyze your results each week. Find your rhythm We’re all constantly super busy and it’s often hard to find time to relax or do sports. Therefore, it is better to choose a gym with extended opening hours. Did you know that some clubs are open at all hours? Yes, yes, you read that right: in some clubs you can train day and night. Streaming Classes Sometimes the weather can be bad… or you just don’t feel like going. It’s a reality. Fortunately, thanks to an innovative app, you can alternate between indoor sports and workouts in your living room. Put away the table and remember to grab a bottle of water and a towel, because in this app you’ll find thousands of training programs and exercises to follow and do outside the gym. And, at home either, you don’t have to train alone, as the application also allows you to take virtual group classes. There are over 150 classes available: aerobics, yoga, boxing, bootcamp, etc. And even a real dance party! There is a virtual group lesson for everything you can imagine and more. Always available, and more. Set a realistic goal Keep in mind above all that sport should be a source of pleasure and not an obligation. If you don’t set the bar too high, you’ll be more likely to stay motivated. Don’t feel guilty if you can’t always make it to the gym. Find out what you can do to enjoy sport and improve your health at the same time. Not only will you strengthen your body, but your mind will also receive a huge boost of energy. Physical fitness is essential. A basic subscription costs only €19.99 for 4 weeks and a Premium subscription costs €29.99 for 4 weeks. The Premium membership has the great advantage that you can invite someone to come and train with you, at any of our clubs. More information at basic-fit.com or visit us at a Basic-Fit near you.
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