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When it’s back-to-school time, it’s not easy to say goodbye to our ultra-gourmet holiday lunches where seasonal produce and Mediterranean flavors have spiced up our taste buds all summer long. But don’t panic, back to school doesn’t rhyme with tupper this year – EVER! No more lunches that set our credit cards on fire (too many) or even the damn headaches in front of monop’ displays and other bakeries to finish the eternal ham and butter… Niet, ciao, bye bye . Back at the office, we’re excited to try these 6 essential street food landmarks in Paris, and we’re going on a more explosive culinary world tour, we promise! Bao’s Direction the best of the culinary arts of the Middle Kingdom. And there is no more reason not to try the iconic little round steamed brioche, as the Bao concept is not located in a small hidden corner of Paris, but in the 1st, 9th and 10th arrondissements. If this small, ultra-smooth white dome is the prerogative of all the great chefs of Paris and imposes itself as a midday statement in all Parisian kitchens, it is really Bao’s that is looking at us. Bao’s or trendy fusion food? Sincerely! We find a selection of 7 baos to make us melt in love and try without further delay. More of an avocado lover or a fan of tiger tear sauce, all teams are certainly welcome. And the chef at the head of this concept likes to make us addicted: every month his bao of the moment would otherwise be boring, right? Let’s go first to taste THE sweet bao filled with melted chocolate: watch out for those with a sweet tooth, you’ll fall head over heels. We stop at 51 rue des Mathurins to eat on the spot in the corner of the ultra-cocooning sofa among colleagues and pass by 10, metro Poissonnière, to eat and stroll on the terrace in the sun. The must? Because Bao’s is super trendy, you can find not only the famous stuffed brioche to enjoy in 2, 3 or 4 pieces for the most greedy, but also freshly squeezed juices, homemade cakes and other sweet and savory delights… Fan ! Galbar OR the rolled crepe you can’t miss in Paris. Head to the 10th arrondissement for galettes and sweet crepes in a cone to bite right into. We love the concept for its more than innovative recipes and the idea of ​​tasting pancakes like an ice cream cone. 3 slogans at Galbar: fun, trendy and tasty. And there, it’s not about stopping at the integral galette and nutella banana crepe, by any means. Let’s rediscover authentic cult recipes of French, Italian and world cuisine… IN CRIPS! Fancy a coconut chicken, for example? We try the most exotic pancake of the concept with coconut chicken and peanut, green curry and coriander: a delight for the taste buds and for the heart. Rather tarte tatin or crème brûlée, the sweet obsession of the moment? We taste Galbar’s innovative revisits of these unmissable sweet cakes. One concept, one address: let’s go now to 50 rue du Faubourg Poissonnière. Eating on Dad’s Street When the hot dog causes debate and divides… Le Dad brings everyone together. The best hot dogs in all of Paris are at 13 quai d’Austerlitz. Dad or high-end hot dogs that explode in your mouth? Yes, it is! This concept revisits America’s purest street food to turn it into a true gourmet dish you can’t get enough of. The menu? A tasty sauce, toasted bread and a selection of sausages to delight all palates. The ingredients are fresh, locally sourced and seasonal! The must? The latest Beech Wood Smoked Veggie Hot Dog is turning heads, yes, yes, yes. We go there to rediscover this American culinary art and we keep coming back because we’re simply fans of their honey mustard sauce and their inimitable bread… shh, it’s a secret! Magna To taste pizza like in Naples, let’s go to Magnà, please. The beginning? Eat a high-flying street food pizza. Chef Julien Serri revisits the pizzaiolo principle and serves us pizzas folded in two, wallet style, which we eat directly on the street. This pizza lover and French runner-up brings the Neapolitan vibe to Paris just the way we like it. The latest news? The rotolo pizza to taste all rolled up! We find Magnà at 9th, rue Notre Dame de Lorette to eat Italy with our fingers. We especially love the T’ar’tufa pizza with mozzarella fior di latte, cream tartufata, ham with rostello herbs and truffle shavings. A delight Soma Sando Left bank. Not far from the Luxembourg Gardens. We eat the best sando on rue de Vaugirard. Yes, get out of the sushi as at the beginning of the year we discover a new culinary art that comes straight from Japan with Japanese sandwiches to make everyone’s heart drop. With its small sidewalk terrace, during your lunch break you can enjoy a thick sandwich of white bread covered with crunchy vegetables and marinated meats. This still uncommon Japanese specialty is slowly making its way into Parisian kitchens and conquering step by step the taste buds of the most avant-garde. With marinated chicken or shrimp tempura, sando will delight all Japanese food lovers. The cult recipes of this trendy Japanese canteen? The Torisando made with breaded chicken, Japanese chilli mayonnaise and white cabbage and the Veggiesando filled with roasted cauliflower, candied aubergine and black sesame cream. The must? Homemade cookies and chocolate wasabi mochi will delight EVERY sweet tooth, for sure! Capital What would Paris be without its butter croissants? We don’t even want to think about it for a second! For croissant lovers and sandwich addicts, head to Capitale in Belleville for some croissant sandwiches and the best in Paris. We challenge all the most modest and the most skeptical. Those who can’t imagine stuffing their croissant and those who can’t imagine a sandwich other than with baguette bread. A culinary crossover of the most daring but which does return all its letters of nobility to the most gourmet Parisian specialties. If all the Parisian chefs are eager to get their hands on it and revisit the legendary ham and butter, it is Capitale’s cuisine that stands out for its marriage of incongruous flavors: goodbye Emmentaler ham, this cafe’s croissant sandwich . it’s the ham avocado, period!
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