Netflix Cooking Series & Documentaries: Cooking Shows 2022

chef's table

Netflix is ​​a goldmine for foodies with documentaries, quizzes and cooking series. We tell you everything you can’t miss in the Netflix France cooking show. The Netflix cooking series guide has been updated with new releases. Chef’s Table Netflix’s flagship culinary program On TV, you are fans of Top Chef, Small dishes in equilibrium or The best pastry chef for professionals with Lignac, Le combat des regions de M6 or Masterchef that returns… well Netflix c his is Ali Baba’s cooking cave with many cooking programs with series or even competitions and documentaries. One competitor is the Kitchen Mania channel on Amazon Prime. Netflix cooking shows are 100% relaxing and a fun way to discover new flavors, new chefs, or just be captivated by a reality cooking show. Netflix’s biggest hits in the cooking series are Chef’s Table, A l’école du chocolat or Feet on the ground with Zac Efron and Tables with a view. List of Netflix cooking documentaries – Street Food Latin America (Season 1 – Buenos Aires, Salvador, Oaxaca, Lima, Bogotá, La Paz) – Street Food Asia (Season 1 of 9 episodes) – Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat with Samin Nostrat (4 episodes) – Beef a Korean Passion – Chef’s Table BBQ – Yum Caramba (1 season) – History of Tacos (2 seasons) – The Chef Show with foodie Jon Favreau and Chef Roy Choi (4 seasons)– Phil’s Culinary Tribulations with Phil Rosenthal (4 seasons)– Chef’s Table (6 seasons – a 7th season is scheduled for 2022-)– Somebody Feed Phil season 5 May 25, 2022– Chef’s Table France (1 season with Michel Troisgros, Alexandre Couillon or Adeline). Grattard)– Ugly Delicous (2 seasons of 12 episodes with David Chang)– 3 Meals Around the World with Chef David Chang (4 episodes)– All About Asado– What the Health– The Game Changers– Bad Vegan: Scam on the Menu (available March 16, 2022) – Noodles, a Korean Passion – The Origin of Flavors (2 seasons with 30 10-minute episodes) – Midnight Asia (Tokyo, Mumbai, Bangkok, Taipei, Manila and Seoul) – L ‘olivier d’André with starring chef André Chiang– Cooking with journalist Michael Pollan (4 episodes) – Chronicle of two restaurants with Gabriela Camara– The lion’s share with chef and writer Stephen Satterfield (homage series to the kitchen African American (4 episodes) – It’s crispy with critic Daym Drops – At the table with Nadiya (Hussain) – In the kitchen with Paris Hilton season 1 (season 2 canceled) – E il cibo va: Italian cuisine in exile ( documentary) – Bonus* Rotten: the engaged (2 seasons of 12 episodes) – Tables with a view (Restaurants a la vora) – 2nd season of 6 episodes – Cooking competitions on Netflix: reality TV and cooking at the meeting – Is it Cake? Season 1 (Would we eat it…or not?) is coming to Netflix, a new cooking show (8 episodes) where the contestants make trompe l’oeil costume cakes. Animation by Mikey Day. – Posted on April 15, 2022 – Is It Cake? the new culinary game on Netflix – All at the table (international competition) – At the chocolate school (8 episodes of 30 minutes with Amaury Guichon) – Cooked With Cannabis – Sugar Rush (even sweeter) – La Brigade des délices – Genius under the hat – American Barbecue the great challenge – A golden menu – Nothing is lost: anti-waste (8 episodes) – The Family Cooking Showdow – Food and wonders – Zumbo’s Just Desserts – It’s du USA cake – It’s cake Spain – Sugar High – It’s cake France (hosted by Artus and Noémie Honiat) – It’s cake Mexico – It’s cake Germany – Iron chef Quest for an Iron Legend – Chef’s Table: Pizza on September 7, 2022
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