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“Art Impact 4 Health” lancé à Rabat: l’art au chevet des enfants atteints de fente labiale

Friday, September 2, 2022 at 2:00 p.m. Rabat – The NGO “Smile Train” organized, on Thursday evening in Rabat, the launch ceremony of the program “Art Impact 4 Health” (Impact of art in the health), in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO), with the aim of supporting children with cleft lip and their families, including through art. Held in a festive atmosphere with the presence of children with this congenital anomaly accompanied by their parents, this ceremony is an opportunity to strengthen the self-confidence of these children and to restore the essential bond between the child, his family and the outside world Leading collaborations with health institutions in developing countries to help foster healing, communication and improving psychosocial well-being and health for all through artistic activities, “Art Impact 4 Health” was launched for the first time in Morocco and North Africa. On this occasion, the vice-president and director of the “Smile Train” program in Africa, Nkeiruka Obi, congratulated for the first time the launch of the “Art Impact 4 Health” project, carried out in collaboration with the WHO . the morocco This program highlights the role of art in speeding up the healing of children with clefts, he said in a statement to “M24”, MAP’s continuous news channel, highlighting the “enormous” influence exerted by the artistic work in the reinforcement of confidence. of these children, highlighted especially from previous experiences carried out as part of the program in other countries. For her part, the director of the “Smile Train” program in North Africa, Omnia Tawfeek, praised the efforts of the organization that continues to work since 1999 in the care of children born with a cleft lip, highlighting the relief the improvement of the program during the last five years to get other forms of help and support. Among them, he continued, is the free provision of an integrated support service for the child and his family, from the day of birth to the age of the operation, in addition to psychosocial support services and speech therapy and post-surgical orthodontics . Ms. Tawfeek was also delighted to see this project being carried out for the first time in North Africa through its launch in Morocco, explaining that the “Art Impact 4 Health” initiative aims to be an event that places art at the heart of therapy. process for children with cleft lip. In turn, the representative of the WHO, Isabelle Wachsmuth, expressed her immense pleasure to see the expansion of the “Art Impact 4 Healt” program in Morocco in collaboration with “Smile Train”, with the aim of ‘evaluate the impact of artistic activities on these children. measure the impact on their well-being. The program aims to help families and health centers take into account the well-being of children with cleft lip to facilitate their full reintegration, he noted, adding that it is a “holistic” approach aimed at achieving the well-being of these children, but also of their families and their community. Regarding artistic activities, Ms. Wachsmuth explained that the program foresees the use of different forms of art (drama, painting, etc.), in order to facilitate children’s expression “in a beautiful and natural way” and help them better understand the meaning of community. For his part, the Secretary General of the Regional Council of the Order of Doctors of Rabat-Salé-Kénitra, Ahmed Sirbou, has highly praised “the cause” defended by “Smile Train” through the program “Art Impact 4 Healt” which constitutes a well-structured project in terms of the attention it pays to three essential aspects, namely, the institutional aspect, the qualitative aspect and that of training. The organization has appealed, at an institutional level, both to the Order of Doctors, which is the guarantor of medical ethics and deontology and which ensures the correct application of the laws that regulate the profession, and to the Ministry of Health, he explained. Regarding the qualitative aspect, Mr. Sirbou has emphasized the attention given by the organization to the safety criteria that must be met by public and private health structures, as well as to the overall care of children (surgery, treatment of the form, orthodontics, speech therapy). , etc.). With a sustainable grassroots model of supporting surgery and other essential forms of care, “Smile Train”, a non-profit organization founded in 1999 and present in 87 countries, has been successful for the past 20 years, supporting to more than 1.5 million children. around the world. Beyond surgery and treatment for cleft lip patients, the organization offers various forms of essential care through local partners, speech therapy, psychological support, nutrition, orthodontics and others, so that this category of children has everything they need to live and prosper
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