Kitchen – Food trucks in Nevers: rolling business

Food trucks à Nevers : des affaires qui roulent

Baljinder Singh and Rachele Gence smile. Summer tired, but happy. A hot summer, very hot?; especially in their food trucks, Rajasthan for him, Bonbon pimento for her. The food trucks offer a new culinary offer, which seduces in Nevers as elsewhere. “Since March, the date of my debut, everything has gone very well”, testifies Rachèle Gence, the “new”. For the “old man”, Baljinder Singh, the observation is identical. “I don’t even know since when I opened the truck”, he smiles, hesitating between 2014 and 2015. “But, since all this time, I can say that I am well identified”. This summer, during specific events (Festival de Música or Zaccros for example), or throughout the summer in Plaça Carnot, these two food trucks were side by side. Here, too, Baljinder Singh and Rachèle Gence consider the experience positive. “It’s not a competition, but an emulation?! So customers have a choice. Everyone can go and order what they want and then gather to eat together”, says Rachèle Gence. We need even more food trucks in Nevers “We need even more food trucks in Nevers”, says Baljinder Singh, “the council had mentioned the idea of ​​creating a kind of “village” of food trucks, that would be very good.”. According to this specialist, there is room for new trucks, it is “just” enough to choose well what to cook. According to him, the best recipes are the traditional ones, regardless of the country of origin. “. In my food truck, I do traditional north Indian and part Pakistani cuisine. I think a food truck with traditional French recipes could be a good idea: coq au vin, beef bourguignon, onion soup… That’s what works best. Simple things, but that people have forgotten, or no longer know how to cook. Young people do not know these dishes. This could allow them to be discovered.” This 40-year-old gourmet loves cooking, “all cuisines even”, he specifies. Looks like he found the perfect recipe for his food truck. Like Rachèle Gence, hot pepper caramel, Rachèle Gence’s new food truck, Creole specialties The originality and quality of the dishes on offer are, of course, essential. “But the location too?! “, admits Rachele Gence, “when I was in the park, customers had trouble finding me. Place Carnot, but a few meters away, I’m much more visible. Hot pepper caramel: a new food truck will traverse Nevers and the surrounding As for Rajasthan, it retains its place near Isat Not really to reach the student clientele, but more for the practical side: “I’m near the highway exit. With easy parking. Many people order and stop before going home” to try an exotic dish. Cornykebab, a new food truck, should open in Nevers, Saturday, September 17, in the Roger-Salengro park Laure Brunet

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