Mory Sacko opens 2 street food locations in Paris


Mory Sacko, former Top Chef contestant and head of star restaurant MoSuke, is opening two new street food spots dedicated to fried chicken! Summary

[Mis à jour le 6 septembre 2022 à 16h01] Mory Sacko is everywhere! The former Top Chef candidate, now at the helm of his own star restaurant MoSuke, is also the protagonist of France 3’s Open Kitchen program. This fall 2022, the young chef is launching two new projects called MOSUGO, dedicated to fried foods. chicken (fried chicken). The first address, which will open in October, will be located in the 14th district of Paris, a few meters from its gourmet restaurant. It was designed as a relaxed neighborhood table with a take-out counter, as well as a room that seats about fifteen people. The second, inaugurated on September 7, is located in the heart of the Galeries Lafayette Gourmet and offers around sixty places. In both cases, Mory Sacko will put the spotlight on fried chicken, in a hamburger version on a pretzel bun with miso mayo, pickled cucumber and a homemade hot sauce. This delicacy can be served with roasted sweet potatoes or in the form of French fries, accompanied by a Cajun sauce. Our mouths are already watering! © Supernova / Cedric Le Dantec Biography of an endearing man Born on September 24, 1992 in Rueil-Malmaison, Mory Sacko went through the stages with determination and selflessness. Petit, if he tasted with envy the dishes of his Senegalese mother, it was really in the ninth grade that he dedicated himself to this profession. “Thinking about what I wanted to do, I realized that I liked documentaries about the world of palaces and cooking,” he told Vice magazine. A good student, he joined hospitality school at the age of 14 and it was during his apprenticeship that young Mory became a culinary enthusiast. His first experience as a clerk at the Royal Monceau remains, in his eyes, unforgettable. In four years, he acquired all the basics of palace cuisine before joining Shangri-La, then Thierry Marx’s Mandarin Oriental. As a sous chef, he builds a relationship of trust with the famous chef who loves Japan. “It really built me ​​up in the management part, that is, thinking a dish, having a reflection and not just doing something good.” The sequel, viewers know well. At the end of 2019, the young chef participated in the 11th season of Top Chef. His smiling personality and relaxed style charm the judges and fans of the show. His notoriety skyrocketed, as evidenced by his Instagram account (160K followers). From the end of February 2021, the chef organizes a program on France 3 called “Open Kitchen”. “The principle is simple: meet French producers, artisans and chefs and cook recipes according to Mory Sacko’s influences. Where is Mory Sacko’s restaurant? This outstanding fact helps him realize his project: the opening of his first restaurant, called MoSuke, the establishment. located a step away from the Avenue du Maine (14th arrondissement of Paris) opens at the end of August 2020. In its place, reservations are added and The first dithyrambic reviews they confirm that the chef has thought through his project well. A first star in the Michelin guide is quite unexpected but fully deserved. It tells the chef that this profession has the gift of breaking codes and barriers.” I think that the kitchen is perhaps one of the circles where you can aspire to a social environment. promotion, where I, son of opening, was able to gain access to a managerial position at the age of 25, and a professional promotion. In the kitchen, you can rise very quickly: the only justice of the peace is skill,” he explained to France Culture. In September 2022, Mory Sacko will open a new address inside the Food Court of Food Society, in the 14th arrondissement . of Paris. Although his presence is already confirmed, the star chef is keeping his concept a mystery for now. During the summer of 2022 he will also take over the Louis Vuitton restaurant in Saint-Tropez where he will again offer cuisine with French, Japanese and African influences How to define his cuisine? Don’t tell Mory his cuisine is fusion! In the dishes on his lunch and dinner menus, like a pairing between a dish and a wine, it’s all about harmony.” I cook in a variety of ways (…) that can lean freely towards Japan, West or South Africa, or completely French. We don’t force any marriages: influences are not imposed but come together, naturally, and they dialogue with each other.”, he subtly describes French culture. In his desire to bring together cuisines and cultures, Mory Sacko relies on the talent of French producers: gardener Anna Shoji Yasaï for exceptional Japanese vegetables, Tom Saveurs for fish, Damien Blasco for citrus fruits. … The result is meticulous, daring and lively © MOSUKE x AGENCE NEROLI His cult recipes Some dishes served during the first courses have already achieved unanimous approval, such as the tongue cooked in banana leaf, the turbot and banana with Shito sauce , or the amazing Suya-style Asparagus. These grilled beef skewers seasoned with a mixture of spices, including the famous nutmeg, are traditionally served in Cameroon, Nigeria or Niger, the star chef has decided make a dish with asparagus with the same seasoning and the same cooking method As if to round off a long taste journey with delicacy, the chef presents the guests At the end of the meal, take a berry called La Miraculine. Originally from Burkina Faso, this “caramel” can be melted on the tongue to neutralize the acidity of food. Surprise, move, delight: Mory Sacko already has the recipe for success!
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