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News – 16/06/2022 Nebulizers in Puteaux schools To protect children from the heat wave, the city of Puteaux has installed nebulizers in all schools. This equipment is connected and remotely controlled for a rational and sustainable management of drinking water resources. News – 16/06/2022 PUTEAUX BD FESTIVAL 2022 Thank you! 10,345 people attended the Puteaux Comic Festival. 1001Hobbies. News – 3/06/2022 City unveils Puteaux orchid The city recently designed a new flower: the Puteaux orchid. Presentation. News – 16/05/2022 How does Puteaux take care of its trees? 28 views May 13, 2022 The city of Puteaux, labeled 4 Flowers, manages a heritage of 7,500 trees. The preservation of the tree heritage is essential for the environmental balance. Throughout the year, municipal agents protect, care for, replant and preserve these trees that contribute to the quality of life of the inhabitants. News – 16/05/2022 BD Festival: meeting MARGE and HOMER SIMPSON During the Puteaux BD Festival, Saturday 28 May from 3.00 pm to 6.00 pm, come and meet Véronique Augereau and Philippe Peythieu, the French voices of Marge and Homer! News – 16/05/2022 Competition for new talents Waiting for the Puteaux Comic Festival with The Simpsons that will take place on May 28 and 29, try your luck! How Homer does not back down from any challenge! Are you over 14 and never posted? Make a comic strip of 4 panels in A3 format (29.7 cm / 42 cm) on the topic: “Meetings” News – 16/05/2022 Vitalis, a Filipino painter in Puteaux 72 views Apr 21 2022 Painter of the Puteaux group, protégé of the patron and restorer Camille Renault, disciple of Jacques Villon, Macario Vitalis is part of the heritage of the city of Puteaux. His work is exhibited at the Maison Lorilleux. News – 06/04/2022 My little exhibition After painting and sculpture, cinema! “Ma petite expo” returns, from February 16 to March 16, for its third edition. News – 03/03/2022 Touch kiosk for your administrative procedures For a few weeks, a digital kiosk located in the City Hall lobby has allowed you to carry out your simple procedures, avoiding waiting at the counter. News – 16/02/2022 Wallace lift commissioning The city of Puteaux inaugurated today a new structural equipment. The Wallace lift offers everyone the possibility of accessing the platforms of the Puteaux station without difficulty. A victory over accessibility led by the City Council!

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