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An influencer’s fitness app was involved in a major data breach that could expose customers’ personal information and leak photos.Move With Us is an online fitness platform founded by Instagram star Rachel Dillon and three-time fashion and fitness bikini world champion. Formerly known as Bodies By Rachel, the service offers multi-week fitness programs, nutritional guides and encourages users to take before and after photos to show their progress. But the app suffered a major data breach late Tuesday that could expose users’ personal information and photos to others. Move With Us has experienced an issue where users are logging into other people’s accounts instead of their own. Move with us Users were connected to other people’s profiles when they opened the app, giving them access to their personal information, including photos (often nude or in underwear), emails, full names, the your date of birth and your address. Every time a user logged out and tried to log back in, they were on someone else’s profile. There have been cases of users logging into up to 10 different profiles as the issue persisted for more than two hours. The app encouraged people to upload “before and after” photos to the app. Move With Us Move With Us provided users with an explanation on Wednesday, saying the breach affected “a very small number of users.” “This bug was causing users to be shown the wrong user profile picture and profile page,” the statement said. “We can also confirm that no progress photos or financial information has been improperly viewed. We can also confirm that it was not malicious intent by a third party to access our users’ information. Move With Us released a statement saying that no photos of users were exposed during the breach. One Move With Us user, who wished to remain anonymous, was unsure if his personal data had been exposed. “I don’t know if my data was exposed on other people,” they told NCA NewsWire. “From other people’s accounts, the visible information was email address, date of birth, full name and some progress photo reports. Many users of apps disputed that claim. “I did not log into someone else’s account myself.” Dillon and the Move With Us support team responded to hundreds of angry and concerned customers on the Facebook group page of the application, which has m it has 90,000 members. Move With Us told users it would investigate the issue and contact those affected. He warned that this process would take time, but claimed that no one’s photos were being seen. Move With Us is committed to investigating how the breach occurred. “We sincerely apologize for the issue and can confirm that it has now been resolved,” he said. “Our app provider also indicated that progress photos were not visible to others.” NCA NewsWire has heard and read conflicting reports from users who claimed their photos were viewable. Rachel Dillon said she started the app to help other women on their fitness journeys. Instagram/Rachel Dillon “The photos were definitely visible,” said one user. “The images were definitely viewable, please own them,” another replied. Anonymous user Move With Us, who had used the app “on occasion” for around 18 months and described it as a “good service”, said the breach was “never allowed”. “To be honest, this is a huge violation of privacy. The app encourages you to upload photos of yourself while you’re browsing shows. You’re instructed to do so and it’s meant to encourage you,” they said. Rachel Dillon said sharing her diet and fitness routine with other women brings her “happiness”. Instagram/Rachel Dillon “But it’s very personal. Many people are incredibly sensitive about their bodies and the availability of personal information such as emails, names and birthdays is bad enough, but to think that a photo of you in a vulnerable moment in clothes interior is so easily accessible to strangers is enough to turn me away from the brand. Dillon, who has more than 1.4 million followers on Instagram, said she started the business to help other women on their journeys of fitness. “Sharing my training and nutrition programs with like-minded women on their own journey to progression is what brings me real happiness,” she told the website Move With Us. Rachel Dillon is 1, 4 million followers on Instagram Instagram/Rachel Dillon “No matter your fitness level, my team of registered dietitians and expert trainers are here to help and guide you. “My fitness journey has transformed every aspect of my life and I would love the opportunity to see what you can achieve on your own journey.” Dillon made waves in the fitness world earlier this year when it was announced that he was dating Kayla Itsines’ ex-fiancé, Tobi Pearce. Move With Us has been contacted for comment.
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