The Health Data Hub in the sovereign cloud, it is not for tomorrow


Originally planned for late 2022, the healthcare data center migration to a sovereign cloud solution will take longer than expected. Now it’s about switching to a French or European solution in 2025. It’s one thing to launch a cloud project. It’s another thing to leave your service provider to migrate to the competition. This is the reality that the management of the Health Data Hub has finally understood. Today he recognizes that it will not be possible for him to turn the page on Microsoft within the terms mentioned by the former Minister of Health, Olivier Véran. This observation, it was Stéphanie Combes, the director of the Health Data Hub, who gave it to TIC Pharma on September 9, 2022. In question, according to her: French or European solutions capable of succeeding the offer designed by Microsoft not they are on the level Consequently, the goal of leaving the American company’s servers at the end of 2022 is unsustainable, for lack of an alternative. The crux of the problem, Microsoft’s cloud to host the Health Data Hub In 2020, a lively controversy arose over the conditions for hosting the Health Data Hub, a huge platform that hosts the personal health data of French men and women: this information, by nature. sensitive, deserve maximum security and confidentiality. However, Microsoft’s nationality is a problem, because the group is subject to American law. In particular, it is the consequences of the Cloud Law that are feared. This text authorizes authorities to retrieve, in specific circumstances, data hosted by US companies, even abroad. The demise of the Privacy Shield, which regulated the transfer of European data to the US, has also weakened Microsoft’s choice as a service provider. In the current state, the new horizon mentioned by the management of the Health Data Hub is 2025, given the reality of the market. Three years behind schedule, then, on the original plan. “There is always this question of sovereignty, which is obviously a goal we can all pursue, but which is also a difficult goal to achieve,” commented Stéphanie Combes. Home of the Health Data Hub. // Source: screenshot The choice of Microsoft as a cloud provider for the Health Data Hub has been the subject of a barrage of criticism – from petitioners, health insurance, CNIL, various organizations – all and that the American company uses a data center. based in the Netherlands. France has also passed a decree that will supposedly prevent any transfer outside the EU. Since then, the Health Data Hub has been looking for a new base. But the work carried out in this direction has not allowed to find a suitable platform. However, an external service provider has been mobilized to analyze the European market, but “there is still a very important gap in terms of functionality, in particular security”, according to Stéphanie Combes. Microsoft obtained Health Data Host (HDS) certification in France in 2018. The Health Data Hub specifies that it complies with the National Health Data System Security Reference System and Texts. And if Microsoft doesn’t have the National Information Systems Security Agency’s SecNumCloud label, the Health Data Center is in touch with it. Since 2020, voices have been heard in favor of a very Franco-French solution for this platform. Names like Oodrive, Outscale and OVH have emerged in recent years as potential alternatives to Azure, Microsoft’s cloud computing service. But as things stand, they have not managed to prevail. “The horizon is not black and we have seen many new cloud offerings emerge in recent months, with different hybridization methods,” admitted Stéphanie Combes. “Even if there isn’t necessarily an offer that fits our needs perfectly, this market development is interesting,” he said, referring to Thales and Google, or OVH and T-Mobile. .
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