Visual Test: Can you spot the hidden woman in the photo in 5 seconds?


Optical illusions are both fascinating and disturbing. They have the art of challenging and surprising us. In most cases, our visual perception is put to the test: maximum concentration is required to thwart the trompe-l’oeil and try to unmask the true from the false. Are you ready for the challenge? Today we reveal to you this viral image that has greatly inflamed Internet users. This amazing optical illusion will confuse you if you look closely. It’s hard to believe, but there’s a woman hiding inside. Can you spot it in less than 5 seconds? It’s up to you! What is an optical illusion? Optical illusions are images that the brain perceives differently than they actually are. This is how they can play a trick on us, through various details that attract attention, to the detriment of others. From then on, our brain faculties are aggravated by a form of visual deception. Both the eyes and the brain are tricked by various perfectly realized effects: the way in which the images are laid out, the choice of lighting or the colors. Find the hidden woman in 5 seconds. Here is the optical illusion image below. Optical illusion – Source : spmIn this image, as you can see, we are facing a majestic multicolored parrot sitting on a tree trunk. The picture is so beautiful that it really looks like it was taken by a professional photographer, doesn’t it? From you, letting your imagination fly and freeing your mind, it is possible to thwart this trompe-l’œil and solve it. the mystery Because, in reality, a woman is hiding in this image. At first glance, it is almost impossible to detect. But open your eyes and observe more carefully. She is really there! Here is the solution to the image Those who have not yet found the hidden woman, here is the solution. As you can see, this does look like a beautifully captured image by a wildlife photographer. But did you manage to solve the mystery? Have you seen the woman in question? Well, you will be very surprised, but the answer to this optical illusion lies in the parrot itself. Actually, it doesn’t exist. In fact, it is a woman hiding behind the disguise of this exotic animal. An arm around the head, a leg outstretched with a pointed foot… It’s definitely a woman. The structure of the image, the colors and the lighting managed to fool you, look again: now that your brain has acquired the answer, by taking a look, you will no longer see the parrot at all! as we imagined, it was not a photograph either, but a pictorial work, signed by the hands of Johannes Stoetter, former Italian world champion of body painting. Ready for another viral challenge! Recover from your emotions and now move on to a completely different challenge that enhances your visual acuity. For some time now, visual challenges, riddles and math problems have become popular, especially on social media. A few days ago, a challenge, supposedly used as a diagnostic to detect vision problems, quickly went viral. The challenge is simple: the image reveals an ocean of “F”, where however it hides a single vowel E. Cal, so concentrate as much as you can and watch the illustration very carefully to try to locate this intruder. However, since it’s almost similar to the rest of the cards, you might as well say you haven’t left the inn!Although very few netizens have managed to take on the challenge, some geniuses have stood out. Will you shine in your turn or will you give the cat your tongue?Full image of the viral challenge viral challenge – Source: spmSolution to this viral challenge Did this challenge make you sweat or did you miraculously find the answer in just a few seconds? ? If so, congratulations. Your vision is extraordinary! If, unfortunately, the challenge was much tougher than you thought and the invasion of the “F”s took over, that’s not so bad. To put your mind at ease, the answer is below. Feel free to challenge those around you with this challenge! viral challenge solution – Source: spm What is a viral challenge? A viral challenge is an exercise that tests your cognitive ability to perform a viral challenge. task Every activity we perform on a daily basis requires the use of brain functions. This includes millions of neural connections distributed throughout the brain lobes, to properly manage the environment in which we move and to process information through various channels. In addition to boosting our cognitive abilities, these viral challenges are highly entertaining contents that attract a lot of internet users during their free time. Also read A woman falls from the elevator from the 79th floor and survives. How is it possible?
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